5 Mobile Apps as Essential Elements of Business

The availability of the high end Smartphones has given entrepreneurs an opportunity to upkeep with their business practices and official undertakings. Modern mobile technology offered business people the chance to get connected with their business in real time and be able to communicate with important clients and exercise immediate decision making without causing any delays on their business productivity. The use of mobile devices harnessed a new way of managing business and become more competitive in the world of online business.

Using mobile devices allows entrepreneurs the ability to access emails, participate in a business video conference, make immediate business calls whenever necessary and use the Internet for other activities that are necessary for managing their business. The Smartphone technology offers everyone the ability to become productive anywhere they are and at any time of the day. You can take your business even when you are on the go without missing any business opportunity and strengthening your business connections. To further optimize the ability of using your mobile device for carrying out a productive business undertakings, here are 5 mobile apps that you can use to your advantage as essential for your business management.

5 Essential Apps for Successful Business

Echo Sign for iOS

If you are an executive who needs to travel frequently to attend various meetings or business conferences, this mobile app for business can help ease the burden of leaving unsigned documents piling up on your desk. In the modern world of business, electronic documents are becoming more popular as it eliminates paper-based contracts that could facilitate transactions of business documents. Using this application allows you to access documents to review, sign and send back to your office or business partner through your Smartphone. This application is available for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


The Dropbox application is very useful when your goal is to manage your business team and to share work documents with them online. Using Dropbox allows you to sync all the important documents to different devices and you can create shared folders for your team members. With this sharing feature of the application, you can dispense from attaching and emailing documents. You have a single location to keep track of your team workflow making collaboration with other team members simpler and straightforward.


This application performs as your virtual assistant that assists you in managing your hectic business schedules. This is a mobile app that was featured in the 2012 NY Times App of the Year that is a must-have for business entrepreneurs that optimizes their productivity. It supports Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. You can set up your meeting schedules and agenda reminders using a voice assistant. If you are working in the stock exchange industry, Speaktoit can provide you automatic notification and news updates about the latest in the finance world. This mobile application is a high rated talking personal assistant from a mobile device that could answer your questions and assist you in organizing your business schedules and making sure that you don’t miss important meetings. This personal assistant on your mobile will unburden your tasks of searching information and remembering important data and information you need that are essential for your business.


Yammer is a mobile application that is essential for business where you can access messages and important notification using your Smartphone device. The application integrates various essential business applications to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your business and the collaboration of your business team. Among the integrated features in the application are collaboration software, enterprise planning solution, customer relationship management tool, CRM application software to improve processing of business between departments and a social integrating features that allow people in your business network share ideas for the benefit of the company.

Skype Mobile

This mobile app is widely used by business enterprises for video conferencing and online meeting. Skype mobile application is an essential element of business that immediately keep you in touch with your business partners, valuable clients and monitoring employees. The application supports the Windows, iPhone and Android devices. Among the essential features of Skype that make the conduct of business more efficient and productive are screen sharing, file sharing, call forwarding and video conferencing. You can chat and make free calls anytime. The Skype application can help your business more productive without having to spend much for communication expenses.

These 5 mobile apps can help your business more efficient and productive in its operation and making business management more convenient for you.

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