Mobile Application Development in 2023

Mobile Application Development

Based on data from Statista, at the beginning of 2023, 86.41% of the worldwide population is using smartphones. People spend a lot of time on them: they work, communicate, receive information, play games. Therefore, mobile applications have evolved into an effective channel for business communication with the user.

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile App Development is the process of designing software for a phone or tablet that interacts closely with the consumer. Mobile applications are designed by developers in specialized (Swift, Objective-C) or integrated (JavaScript, C#) programming languages.

The main technologies for developing mobile applications:

  • Native. Applications are developed separately for each mobile operating system. For example, ios app creation, flutter app, as well as for android and windows operating systems. 
  • Hybrid. This technology creates one code base for various OS. For this, programming languages like JavaScript and C are used, after which the code is integrated under different OS.
  • Progressive. Applications that are developed using this technology look like full-fledged mobile development applications, but are hosted on web pages of Internet browsers. They are easier to develop, do not require downloading, but their functionality is limited.

Types of mobile applications

According to their functionality and tasks, there are several main types of mobile applications:

  1. Mobile games. These are entertaining applications that have wide functionality and unique visualization. 
  2. Helper apps. This is a category of useful applications that helps users optimize their everyday processes. This includes applications for education, sports, reading books, etc.
  3. Applications for Business. Mobile apps dev of this category are a direct contact between a business and a user. This includes mobile versions of online stores, applications for registering in salons and food delivery.

Why do businesses need mobile app development?

A mobile application is an effective channel for communication between a business and a client. With their help, you can receive feedback from customers in real time, attract a new audience, launch promotions and provide up-to-date information about the business.

For business applications, a clear interface is important so that different categories of users can intuitively use them. Development team of the IT outsourcing company RVA creates app development software and mobile apps for various business needs and tasks. Mobile applications optimize the process of interaction with customers and help businesses grow.