3 Best Membership Management Software with Buyers Guide


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Membership Management Software

Membership management software helps communities, associations, clubs, nonprofits, and membership-based businesses to store and track member records and manage data and information in an organized member database. The software also provides membership groups to communicate with constituents, facilitate renewals, track and promote events, manage resources, and collect fees.

Advantages of Membership Management Software

Increase the member experience: Membership management software provides members enhanced visibility into the organization—it gives members to access and update their information via a member portal, see real-time updates on events or programs, and communicate with administrators and members.

Automate job flows and decrease data errors: As organizations grow and their membership base expands, daily operations and processes become more intriguing and time-consuming. Data entry can be cumbersome and lead to errors. Job flow automation and automated data entry in membership management software helps save time by streamlining processes and letting down on errors.

Simplify administration: By getting details of all member data in one database, administrators can swiftly track and manage the membership under one system, rather than having data spread across various platforms. Automatic membership renewals also save time as compared to manual methods.

Features of Membership Management Software

Application management: Managing and tracking applications for potential members, and giving new members access to set up an account.

Automatic renewals: Automatically renewing memberships at the end of a subscription cycle.

Member database: Compiling, storing, and editing all membership information.

Payment processing: Accepting, recording, and reconciling financial transactions. Automating payment reminders and invoice generation.

Member portal: Allowing members to access a self-service portal where they can update their personal information, communicating with the organization and other members, making payments etc.

Member directory: Compiling an online or printable list of members for external use.

Event management: Scheduling and managing the logistics of activities and events.

Cost of Membership Management Software

Most products available in the market are priced on a per month basis, and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher and include unique features like website support, business directory module, online training sessions with advanced analytics.

Points to consider while buying Membership Management Software

Mobile access: Clients spend more time on their mobile phones than ever before and having a mobile-accessible member portal can provide an edge over other organizations and help with member acquisition and retention. A mobile application offers members to communicate and see updates on the go. If this is a priority for the members, be sure that the product client select provides mobile access.

Scalability and growth: Know the membership organization’s plans for growth when considering software. The software you choose must be able to grow with your organization and support increased membership numbers. 

Suitability and cost-effectiveness: There are many software options in the membership management market, and all of them have various pricing models and features offered. Choosing software that suits the budget and business needs is important. Know your organization’s size, the complexity of the software requirements, and the integration needs well in advance to help user make an informed decision. Users that switch software do so because their software costs too much or lacks the features they need. Finding software that fulfills the requirements in a cost-effective manner will prevent you from having to start the search over again.

Membership Management Software Trends

Artificial intelligence is increasing membership retention: Artificial intelligence (AI) can be utilized to identify patterns and trends that can provide an organization identify issues with customer retention. Silverbear partnered with Microsoft to work on a framework that utilizes AI to help out membership renewal predictions and give insights into membership retention trends.

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