3 Best Meeting Room Software Buyers Guide


Scheduling the shared spaces in a busy office Designed specifically & perfect for meeting rooms desk conference rooms company resources presentation areas Ensured spaces are booked fairly private & accountability upheld for each user No double-bookings

Event Temple

Modern Cloud-based Hotel & Venue Sales Catering software company Provides with an easy to use Integrated solution Affordable price Helps drive revenue growth Boost efficiency Productivity properties Suite of sales tools Prospecting & lead management E-proposals Contracts

Robin Powered

Real-time scheduling Status boards Maps for meeting rooms Desks People in office Platform lives alongside existing Outlook or Google calendars Updates meeting room or desk across web dashboard Mobile app Room display automatically sync with entire office calendar

Meeting Room Software

Meeting Room Software is a tool that allows users to schedule meeting events and accordingly reserve rooms using built-in calendars. It also allows users to set parameters such as the continuation and recurrence of a meeting. An required functionality of meeting room booking software is monitoring the availability of meeting rooms, which prevents double bookings. The software typically integrates with various private communications devices, making it easy for users to participate meeting details with team members.

Features of Meeting Room Software

Description: Meeting room bookings venue by holding rooms’ availability on a dashboard that promotes a built-in calendar.

Meeting details editor: Customize the features of a meeting, such as location, continuation, and recurrence, and give notes such as meeting themes or agenda.

Meeting invites : Send meeting invitations to team members and receive notifications when they accept the invite.

Plug-ins: Access the meeting room software on various inside communications applications thru plug-ins.

Room utilization report: View details on built-in dashboards to get perspicacity such as which meetings rooms are most frequently used and the proportion of meeting room bookings by various teams.

Advantages of Meeting Room Software

Save the productive time of employees: Meeting room software preserves employee time in complicated ways. Firstly, employees can significantly hurry up booking rooms by obtaining a centralized database of rooms and sending automated invites. Secondly, the tool eliminates double-booking errors, ensuring employees don’t spend time wandering searching for unoccupied space.

Considerations while Buying Meeting Room Software

Mobile apps: Enabled by mobile technology, the workforce now prefers mobility in all aspects, including making bookings for meetings on the go. This makes it necessary for the software to offer mobile capabilities such as iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones.

Support costs: While most meeting room software merchants offer free technical support for many issues, there can be extra charges for premium services such as preference phone support. To ensure you’re not caught by any wonder, enquire with the businessperson about all the various support options and their associated charges.

Meeting Room Software Trends

Visitor management module: While internal meetings are regular, routine, and necessary to soften functioning, external meetings, such as business partners and investors, can’t be neglected. As a result, there is an increasing demand for visitor management capabilities such as visitor databases, automated enrollments, check-ins, and notifications when visitants arrive for the meeting.

Alliance with digital signage solutions: This technology is growing recommended as an add-on to meeting room booking software. By blending these two, you can display detailed and updated data about meeting plans on digital signs placed outside meeting rooms.

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