Meet Your Restaurantís Budget Saver: Employee Scheduling Software


While the name suggests that this software is only designed to create schedules quickly, in fact restaurants across North America are using it as the backbone of their operations. This is especially true for millennial restaurateurs, who tend to be early adapters of technology.

The restaurant industry has always been notoriously difficult, and with the competition from a seemingly never-ending supply of new restaurants and food trucks opening, the challenge for restaurants in the modern era is only getting harder. With this in mind, letís take a look at how restaurants are using employee scheduling software today to boost their budget.

Actionable Intelligence on Manager-Facing Dashboards

The decision makers at the restaurant need full and reliable intelligence about what is happening in every corner of the operation to make sound choices, and online employee scheduling software gives them this ability.

All the key data is presented simply and directly on the manager-facing dashboard, such as labor costs, daily sales, total sales, labor as a percentage, even weather data (which is very important for seasonal restaurants), and more. All these statistics are updated in real time, so managers and executives always have the latest information at their fingertips.

There is also a section for staff feedback, to help capture a dimension of the restaurantís operations that sometimes isnít reflected in hard data. Itís impossible to make a comprehensive plan to boost your restaurantís budget without having a true and full picture of your restaurantís finances.

Labor Compliance

Accidentally scheduling an employee for overtime pay can be a costly mistake, and thatís why employee scheduling software sends an alert anytime an employee is about to be slotted into enough hours to qualify for overtime pay.

This helps disperse shifts evenly and helps prevent staff burnout, all while reducing the restaurantís operating costs.

Turnover Mitigation

One of the great problems every restaurant faces is high turnover: new staff require time and money to bring up to speed, and finding the right person for the job is always difficult.

People may leave a job for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with the workplace, but a savvy restaurant owner takes the effort to keep their staff happy, and employee scheduling software contributes to job satisfaction.

Employee scheduling software helps employees maintain work-life balance in a few different ways: staff can submit dayís off requests remotely, as soon as they find out their availability; they receive a notification whenever a change has been made to the schedule; the advanced and secure time-clock function can be programmed to ensure all staff comply with mandated breaks, and also identifies all-star employees with its attendance reports.

While employee scheduling softwareís main function is vital to the operations of any restaurant, it is loaded with other features which your staff will love, and which will directly benefit your bottom line. In such a competitive industry, this is technology you cannot afford to miss.