3 Best Medical Spa Software and Buyers’ Guide

Acuity Scheduling

Work like a personal assistant Book appointments with clients & customers Clients view real-time availability Select date and time that works best Pay in advance via Stripe, Paypal, Authorize.net Cancel or reschedule on their own

Square Appointments

One-stop-shop solution Saves time Stay organized Customized for businesses for appointments Integrated POS Online scheduling Payment processing Free for individuals Affordable for teams Easy scheduling Location management


Complete appointments & workshops scheduling system Spas with multiple staff and rooms or locations Accept online bookings Online payments 24/7 Real time availability Upsell treatments with extra Send email/txt confirmations

Medical Spa Software

Medical Spa Software is designed for spa centers providing aesthetic treatments, like laser hair removal, skin tightening, cosmetic dentistry, and liposuction. This type of software actively streamlines day-to-day administrative tasks, like appointment scheduling, client management, communication, processing billing, and payment processing. It also provides a centralized calendar that displays available slots and booked appointments.

Staff management, a reviews and feedback portal, before-and-after image repository, inventory management, and HIPAA compliance are features provided by this type of software.

Operated by or under the supervision of medical spas, doctors, provide beauty treatments and clinical dermatology procedures, such as skin tightening, liposuction, laser hair removal, and botox. Medical spa owners have to handle many administrative tasks, like managing client appointments and recording treatment details. Medical spa software can automate daily tasks to help owners focus on providing a superior spa experience to their clients.

Selecting a medical spa software solution can be challenging. You must compare software features and deployment options. To help you, we have created a buyers guide with information needed to make the right buying decision. 

Medical spa software is a software software that helps medical spa owners manage the clients and staff. It helps in automating appointment scheduling, permitting clients to self-book sessions online, and generating reports with insights into staff, revenue, and sales performance. It helps in digitalization of paper-based records, having consultation, patient consent, and treatment forms.

The software permits businesses to send appointment reminders to the clients and employees. It provides a feedback management application that assists track client reviews in real time. Businesses can manage payroll and commission for their employees using the software.

Medical spa software can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. 

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based medical spa software is hosted on software seller own server or third-party servers. Sellers provide software updates, maintenance, and support at no additional charge. Cloud-based software can be accessed from any device and internet connection is available. This type of software generally has a subscription-based pricing model with monthly or annual billing.

On-premise deployment: On-premise medical spa solution is hosted on buyers’ on-site servers. The responsibility for support, maintenance, and updates lies with the buyers. On-premise software can be accessed only on the system on which it has been installed. Most sellers charge per-user with one-time license fee for a software.

Advantages of Medical Spa Software

Centralized patient information: Medical spa software stores patient details and treatment preferences in a searchable, centralized database. This saves staff members from having to manually re-enter details every time a patient visits the center. It also assists spa centers keep updated improving service delivery, patients’ treatment preferences, and the client experience.

Streamlined appointment management: These software streamline the appointment scheduling process, making it easier for patients and staff to track respective treatment schedules. A centralized calendar, that displays booked and available slots, provides complete transparency and prevents appointment overbooking and conflicts.

Automated communication: The type of software automates communication between spa centers and patients to eliminate the manual efforts involved in sending booking confirmations and reminders. Patients automatically receive a confirmation when they book an appointment online along with the subsequent reminders. This reduces the possibility of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. The business is notified while a patient reschedules or cancels, helping them reorganize the schedule in advance.

Features of Medical Spa Software

Appointment management: Managing rescheduling, scheduling, and cancellation of appointments.

Patient management: Managing interactions with patients and recording details of the visits, with treatment history and spa preferences.

Gift card management: Selling and redeeming purchased gift cards. Reward loyal customers with gift cards which can be redeemed for special offers and loyalty points.

Inventory management: Tracking and managing resources on hand for maintaining adequate supply at all times.

Price of Medical Spa Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher and has additional features like multi-location management, white labeling, and third-party integration.

Considerations while Buying Medical Spa Software

Understanding the requirements: Various medical spa centers will have various  feature requirements and priorities like, client management, mobility, appointment scheduling, or even HIPAA compliance. Identify the business’s unique needs and share them with potential vendors, so you can choose a solution that meets the needs at the most reasonable price.

Deployment options: Choosing between cloud-based and on-premise deployment should be one of the key considerations. While both options have their pros and cons, ease of accessibility and the low initial investment of cloud-based tools are making cloud-based deployment the more preferred choice for various medical spa centers.

Scalability of services portfolio: Medical spa centers keep on adding new treatments to their service portfolios, so ensure that the software you buy provides the flexibility to add new treatments to the existing catalog without any long delay or support from the seller’s end. It should also be easily configured so that you can change treatment plans and related prices as required.

Medical Spa Software Trends

Mobile apps to increase in use: With mobile apps, medical spa managers and owners are not confined to the workstations and help in monitoring daily updates and schedules remotely. Software with mobile accessibility also let them stay in touch with clients at all times. In the near future, an ever increasing number of sellers are expected to provide dedicated mobile apps for the medical spa software.

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