3 Best Martial Arts Software with Buyers Guide

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Martial Arts Software

Martial Arts Software offers users manage the business operations of martial arts studios. These systems permit users for adding and tracking members, and they help in automating a number of tasks which is tedious—that users would have to do manually.

Martial arts gym owners with employees are in the business of sport and art form—not out of paperwork and data entry. Running any business needs clerical work. Fortunately, martial arts management software can streamline work and offer users focus on the parts of the business.

There are many sellers that provide general club and gym membership software which can be tailored to the requirements of martial arts gyms. There are solutions specifically created for martial arts gyms. Martial arts software generally have same functionality as club and gym management software, like billing, member sign-up, and scheduling. Software designed particularly for martial arts gyms include specialized features, like belt tracking.

Features of Martial Arts Software

Martial arts systems come with following core abilities:

Scheduling and booking : Scheduling group classes and private sessions. Watching over team members’ schedules and daily, weekly and monthly calendars.

Billing and payment processing : Invoicing clients, tracking tuition payments from members, setting up automatic billing and notifications, processing credit and debit card payments.

Member management : Maintaining a database of members, both active and inactive. watching over members’ payment histories, which classes or session enrolled in and attendance records.

Progress tracking : Watching how students are progressing in their training, class histories and performance. Software designed provide belt tracking by checking each member currently holds and when they earned it.

Member portals : Some software provide member portals to log in to enroll for classes, schedule one-on-one sessions, make payments, cancel reservations, and track their own progress. Many of these portals are also accessible through mobile apps. These solutions even offer an app for iPads and various functionality, such as:

  • Invoicing
  • Automated reminders
  • Student self-service portal
  • Scheduling
  • Skill and rank tracking
  • Retail management
  • Reporting
  • customizable dashboard

Considerations while Buying  Martial Arts Software

Before processing of evaluating potential martial arts software for the business, consider your needs and list them all based on the importance. Below questions must be asked while trying to check the best solution:

Easy to use: A software must be easy to learn and utilize making things more seamless and means less down time during implementation. Automation of daily tasks can make daily procedure more simple and permit users to complete them more quickly. Keep in mind, it’s easy to be dazzled by offers of multiple features, but if they’re not required, users can be bogged down. Therefore, opt for a simple software, as feature overload can create confusion and increase stress.

Help grow business : Automating daily tasks will permit you to become more productive, giving time to focus on business growth. The right software will also enable user in finding, nurturing and converting prospective leads into customers by using features like customer relationship management (CRM) and integrated email marketing.

Easy implementation: The procedure for implementing a martial arts software solution depends on the software provider, can either be an arduous task, or it can be a breeze. For keeping things simple, search look for software providers that provide migration of existing data and that will offer you set up new application as part of the  service.

Martial Arts Software Trends

Cloud-based software : Most martial arts software solutions are cloud-based. Users can log into the software from anywhere with internet-connected device, and multiple users for accessing the system at once. Users must install software on a limited number of office terminals with more traditional on-premise systems. They is limited access the system and how many users can log in at once.

Mobile member portals : Cloud-based deployments have access to accounts and membership details. Many sellers provide native mobile apps to be used through smartphones and tablets, that offer a seamless on-the-go experience for clients. Some sellers also offer employee self-service mobile apps, that permit workers to access own schedules and details remotely. Look for new trends to continue in the future.

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