Mad Mimi Review

Mad Mimi is among the top email marketing services present in the market. It regularly updates the appearance of its interface, integrating various add-ons with no requirement of an additional fee. It provides the ability to create professional looking emails. This service does come with a learning curve due to lack of accessibility and simplicity when compared with its competitors.


1. You can build efficient emails with this service’s editor. In place of formatted templates that can become cumbersome to work, it provides simplified tools for designing. This is quite good as there are good features with this service to help you create nice looking emails. But do lack some structure features that can restrict your creativity.

2. The user can easily insert various social network site buttons into the emails they create, It has 39 social media buttons to select from which includes like, share, pin or retweet buttons.

3. You can inculcate different sort of links to your emails. Its bulk email services offer over 21 add-ons which include various type of webforms, Facebook signup, and other campaigns.

4. While this service does lack few of the standard features, it still allows you to create email marketing campaign out of nothing. You can easily copy your campaigns with its clone tool. This provides you the ability to alter the original document without any worry of loosing original work.

5. This service provides detailed reporting features. You can easily analyze the data related to emails opened by people, how many clicks were made on the embedded links along with the status of sharing on social networks and much more. This service seamlessly works with Google Analytics which provides in-depth report and details related to click tracking and other statistics.

6. This service also comes with clearly positioned buttons along with simple navigation. It also comes with a quick-start guide along with various tutorials, demos, and FAQs.

7. If you require technical support, you can email this service, or go for telephonic support or use live chat.


1. This service provides the choice of exporting reports directly to Excel. You can also view real-time responses of the people and related social networking activity which corresponds to the email campaigns.

2. In case you delete any email campaign unknowingly, this service provides you the ability to undo the deletion of the email campaigns.

3. It also provides customized branding along with assistance related to design.


It does lack A/B testing which makes it quite tough to measure which part of your email campaign is performing better on your target audience.


Mad Midi is one of the most exquisite and supportive email marketing services. But it does lack features like A/B Testing which is quite common in other such services. However, the various reporting features do provide you important statistics to create effective campaigns. It also comes with social networking buttons along with tracking on clicks made on the links. Its customer service is quite remarkable and extensive.

So, in case you are planning to create email campaigns and want social sharing as a key point, then this service is perfect for such requirements. Try this nitty service and do let us know about your experiences. And while doing this, mention your views and opinions in the comment section.