Luminar Review : A Photo Editor for Mac with tons of features

Luminar Review : A Photo Editor for Mac with tons of features

Macphun has introduced a new flagship app for photographers that’s Luminar and it’s competing the likes of Lightroom and Photoshop. This new Luminar Mac photo editor will also be on the top of Mac-only apps like Aurora HDR 2017, Creative Kit 2016, etc.

The company has made sure that problems and issues that arrive at people using DSLRs, smartphones, and mirrorless cameras are solved, and they aim to provide an easy platform for everybody in a single program. When we look at Photoshop for image editing, the problem remains the learning curve, and Luminar makes it easy, just like Apple Photos app but with more power and control. The slider based tools can be used in an almost every function, and you have lots of flexibility in the way you want to make your photo look, making this app a good professional image editor in this competitive field of various image/photo editors.

luminar from macphun

When you see the interface of Luminar, you will feel how intuitive and flexible it is. You have control options like transform tool, masks tool, history, zoom, blending modes, raw balance, histograms, undo-redo and even the latest Touch bar support for new Macbook Pro.


Workspace in Luminar has variously categorized editing tools that include Universal, Portrait, Landscape, Street and Black and White. You can edit each with controls and keep your Workspace like you need it. You also have the option to rename the Workspaces with your desired name.


This is the perfect way to start to editing a photo in your own way, you can keep the tools that are favorite and that you frequently use on a photo to enhance its beauty. Once you add filters to your Workspace, you will see a description of each effect that will be applied when you use a filter. You have the total control of using slightly, or may be you don’t want to use them at all.


Presets is Macphun‘s Luminar is what makes it more attractive and fun. It gives you the option to see the photo in a variety of ways that are predefined and labeled as known names – Street, Dynamic, Travel, Outdoor, Basic, etc. There are more than 50 quick presets available, and you can also create them yourself to use them anytime you want.


Once you buy the software, you also get access to professional presets by photographers that usually use them frequently. And that’s free with the license you purchase.

Use Luminar as a plug-in or standalone app

If you want to use Luminar as a plug-in for Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom then it’s again doable. Using it as a standalone app will also do the work as you want it to. Macphun’s other photo editing apps can also be used in conjunction with Luminar. In all the cases the interface is the same, and it opens exactly in the same way. So, no confusions.


The batch processing in Luminar is again easy, and you can use any photo format in it, like – raw, png, jpg, etc. for running the process. The raw processing is speedy, and you don’t have to wait too long to process batch editing.

Improvements that can be done ..

The first I would want to see in Luminar is the ability to manage your photos, Applications like Apple Photos is what I use to organize my collection. So, a photo management feature will surely give it a boost.

The next thing I would like to see is competing with Photoshop and incorporating some innovation in photo editing. If I compare it wth Lightroom, I would say that it certainly will be more enriching to use Luminar as of this stage.

Finally ..

With Luminar 1.1.0, Macphun has covered a lot in photo editing space. Not only does it work as standalone software, but the capabilities is extended due to its plug-in available for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photos.

If anyone has used Macphun’s photo editing apps previously than using Luminar will be fun. You will love the way you can use this photo editor as its photo-centric and highly polished with efficient functionality. Choosing Luminar will be a cool and right choice.

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