A Complete Review of Logmatic

Logmatic.io is an operations data platform for machine events and it is a super Log Analyzer. They assist organizations to enhance their software and business performances by leveraging their machine data.

Channel all logs, machine events and metrics into a single hub: and you are ready to go in minutes, no Logmatic.io agent is required!

At last, conveniently get a clean overview of what is happening in your distributed environments, and choose the needle in the haystack in minimum time. Create dynamic analysis and recognize improvements for your software, your personal experience, and your business. Enjoy the journey!

Logmatic log analyzer


Just deliver any sort logs, and they will do the substantial processing. Without requiring any agent, Logmatic runs entirely on the cloud. Simple move behind some simple steps and your logs will be conveniently merged and centralized into their log analysis platform.

You may send any types of Heroku logs, metrics, machine events, from anywhere.

There is no requirement for any Logmatic.io proprietary code on your servers. Entirely agentless, or with a log shipper, you select

  • The scale on demand, with no robotic overage fines.
  • Manage the data using logical fields, metrics and tag sets


Conveniently convert raw and irregular data into organised and meaningful data. The Logmatic.io log software recognizes patterns or lets you to run your regulations. Utilize dynamic tagging to clutter information that cuts across many layers of your technology stack to track transactions and requests, for a convenient analysis experience.

  • Automatic recognition: Syslog, Apache, Firewalls, Nginx, key/value patterns, JSON events, etc…
  • Editable grok parsers: test, validate, deploy right away, directly from Logmatic.io’s user interface
  • Integrated IP geolocation and user-agent parsing: identify visitors’ browsers, OS, and devices
  • Custom tagging: Divide into categories and group elements that cut across your stack


From an acute view of all your main logs, filter your machine data utilizing many attributes, and receive visibility down to the proper entries at once. Log analysis has not been that much convenient. Get answers as you examine as you inspect your logs and resolve events just as they occur.

  • Full-text granular searches down to the log level
  • Granular search down to log level
  • Actual-time logs and real-time search
  • Complex search queries: OR, AND, fuzzy searches, exclusions, wildcards, …


Rapidly craft gorgeous dashboards and portion them to Devs, Ops, and Bus. departments. Allow them to find the data cheerily as they click and move directly into their log analysis dashboards, reaching new and insightful data from different angles. Machine data is now reachable & can be utilized to each one of them with Logmatic.io log software.

  • Real-time, customizable and editable log analyses; move around and filter your data in real-time to make the exact analyses for you.
  • Quick interactive dashboards: just click and you will get all the graphs in your dashboard finely filtered
  • Effective data visualization: pie charts based on counts / sums / averages / percentiles / calculated metrics & filtered metrics, time series, geo maps, pivot tables flow charts, …
  • Customizable Filters & Dynamic Tag sets: Edit your data as per your requirement, your data handles on the go to provide your moves across log data from many services


Find deviations and unusual behaviours. Always be the first one to find when something is happening and get noticed within the seconds.

  • Make very flexible alerts on the basis of your logs analysed with search queries or user-defined thresholds.
  • Get alerts via email, Slack, HipChat PagerDuty or
  • Get real-time, daily and weekly reporting, hourly,
  • Get alerts through completely template web hooks and receive your servers notified by our log management software


Utilize the Logmatic.io log management software to fill each tech apps and automate processes. Collaborate with other company departments by sharing relevant log analyses.

  • RESTful API allows you to merge main data

from Logmatic.io into your own apps, BI tools, CRMs.

  • Security filters let you share with every

team user the precise level and scope of data they require

Pros: They are pretty impressive with speed (page loads, search queries), team support, adaptability.

Cons:  Set up quite tricky and become arduous sometimes.

Conclusion: If you can come over its complicated and tricky setup and installation process, then the pros are accommodable enough. Apart from its strong investigation capacity, it let you enjoy its beautiful dynamic dashboards. It is customizable and quite resilient in alteration. Overall a good deal to go with and have quite venial faults.