3 Best Live Chat Software & Buyers Guide


SMEs to large enterprises User-friendly Email Ticket management Live chat solution Microsoft SQL Cloud/inhouse server solution Web-based live chat and ticketing


All-in-one platform to understand & convert web traffic View real time Web analytics Website visitors Capture & Qualify Leads with intelligent Unique live chat


Subiz live chat Communication channel Provide a live chat widget Integrated website platform Overcomes drawback of hotline & email Answers directly in real-time

Live Chat Software

Live chat software offers organizations connect with their customers in real-time. Live chat applications can be utilized by customer support, lead generation, customer engagement, and more. This software has widgets that can be integrated into ongoing active websites and more robust stand-alone solutions that offer businesses to track customer interactions, response, and conversion rates.

Benefits of Live Chat Software

Improved sales conversions:  Live chat software speed-ups the sales process because customer questions related to a product or service are replied in real-time, translating into faster checkout and enhanced sales volume.

Decreased cost of customer support: Traditional methods of customer support over phone and email often prove costly and ineffective, as agents can handle only one customer query at a time. Live chat software offers agents to address multiple questions at the same time.

Enhanced innovation: In the age of fierce competition and evolving customer needs, small businesses want to keep an eye on changes, ideas, and ways for improvisation. Live chat software offers activities with a pool of customer inquiries, complaints, requests, and suggestions, that can be analyzed to come up with new ideas for the products and services.

Features of Live Chat Software

Customer engagement: Speak with the prospective and current client via your eCommerce platform in real-time.

Customer service: Fulfilling requests from prospective future and present customers before, during, and after product buys.

Online CRM: Manage all of the user company’s relationships with future and present customers, to track and improve all relationships.

MSP: Offer remote teams management with IT infrastructure and end-user systems.

Remote work: Offers to support teams and customers that do not interact from a shared office space.

Webinar: Hosting of online workshops, lectures, and presentations.

Cost of Live Chat Software

Most products available in the market are priced on a per-user, per month basis. Pricing can be divided into three tiers based on the starting price. A premium product is rated higher have additional features like work scheduling, post-chat surveys, multi-website deployment, and audit log.

Considerations while Buying Live Chat Software

Mobile-responsive interface: To offer to get the best use of a live chat program for sales and customer support, users cannot miss out on the clients who use smartphones. Without a mobile-responsive interface, customers will need to use their laptop or desktop to access the live chat support.

Third-party integrations: Small business units utilize several client-facing solutions to help the sales, CRM, marketing and customer success efforts. Any live chat software you buy should coordinate with as much possible of these tools as it can be. The coordination between the email marketing integration and live chat software will allow the user to embed a live chat button in the body of the user’s customer-facing emails. This offers readers with a transition from an email marketing campaign to using live chat software on user website.

Live Chat Software Trends

Live chat uses sales than customer support: Live chat software serves because a written record of questions asked from people at all stages of the sales cycle. Businesses can analyze these queries as a tool for lead generation; when utilized strategically, live chat software can enhance sales leads by 40%.

Chatbots included in live chat software: Chatbots are conversational interfaces built with machine learning technology. Expect live chat software sellers to start including chatbots in their products. They’ll provide user company to answer common customer questions without involving a live chat agent. Using chatbots with live chat software will decrease time and money for user business.

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