Learn how to edit and convert video with Any Video Convertor

Any Video Converter offers a similar set of video- conversion tools to our favourite Freemake Video Converter. However, it also has a few extras, including the ability to edit, sharpen and add special effects to your videos. The new version of the software is easier to use and works faster. It also introduces some new output options, including HTML5, iPhone 5, iPad Mini and Sony’s Xperia phone. In this how to article, we’ll show you how to use the software to convert your video files into another format, and use the editing options to rotate, crop, trim and generally improve your videos.

Any Video Converter is free, but if you like the software and want to try advanced options, such as capturing and recording video from sites like Netflix, you can upgrade to the Ultimate edition for $44.95. ~ When installing Any Video Converter, make sure you decline the bundled Snap Do toolbar.

Step 1

Start by dragging and dropping one or more video clips onto the main window. Alternatively, you can browse for files by clicking the blue button or the Video(s) button. You can also select a DVD to rip.

Step 2

Queue as many video files as you like. Select one and click the Play button to preview it. You can also take a snapshot of an individual frame. Click the arrow to open or change the Save folder. To watch the clip in a larger window, click the ‘Play video’ tab.

Step 3

To change the name of the video before converting it, click the pencil icon, enter the new title, and click the tick. Clicking the phone icon will let you choose a format to convert it to.

Step 4

Any Video Converter offers a wide selection of formats including various choices for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android tablets, Xbox, PS3, Android phones, Flash, and common video and audio formats. Clips can also be prepared for burning to DVD.

Note : Click the cog button to open the Options window, From here, you can change the output folder location; turn on hardware acceleration (if your PC supports it); and set audio and video defaults. You can also manage the online video settings, to choose where and how subtitles should display. The Advanced tab lets you set the program to shut down your PC when a long conversion has finished.

Step 5

You can also choose a format to convert to by clicking the Preset Output button. Select your target device by scrolling left or right and picking more options from the drop-down box. You can change the ‘Save to’ location here, too.

Step 6

Click the audio link if you want to turn the sound off or add an alternative soundtrack. You can also add subtitles. If you don’t want to convert the entire video, click the ‘Clip this item’ button and select the parts of the video to keep or discard.

Step 7

For more advanced options, click the ‘magic wand’ button. You can crop your video, and choose whether to keep the original aspect ratio. The Video Effect menu has options for adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, and lets you rotate, flip or mirror the clip.

Step 8

The Basic Option window shows you the video’s filename, size, quality (which can be adjusted) and duration. Click the small arrow to switch between video and audio options, where you can see and adjust the settings.

Step 9

When you’ve made your changes, hit the ‘Convert now’ icon on a video, or the larger Convert All File(s) NOW button. The arrow to the right lets you choose to convert every file or just selected ones. You can also merge files together as you convert them.

Step 10

As well as converting clips on your hard drive, Any Video Converter can download online videos for watching or converting. Click the Download button and paste the URL of the video into the box. Hit the Download button and pick a format to save the clip to.