Lean Testing – Making Bug Detection Simple and Efficient

When you have completed a new website for your client, you may often think that your efforts will be now appreciated which isn’t the case in real world. In order to measure your efforts and related success, you have to complete the entire cycle of testing.

Testing of any new product is the final state when it comes to product development where the “bug-finders” open your website on various devices and different platforms to check out if there exist any problem with your delivered product. All the bugs are then reported to the project manager who then sends the report to the developer team in order to resolve them.

However, this takes a lot of time, and if you are lucky enough of having all the people working on the project under one roof at the same time, then it may be more efficient and easy to complete. Here comes the role of Lean Testing.


Lean Testing is a web application that provides you the ability to handle any task related to testing using the same window. Once you have created an account on this application, you can then start a new project. Any new project can have various sections such as Bug lost, search, report a bug, etc. which you can easily add or delete according to your requirements. After this, the next stage requires you to add members to this project.



  1. Since you are an account opener, you are also the account manager and have the authority to add or remove any new member. After this, you can assign a project manager, developers, clients, etc. to your project. Each of these members has limited permissions as per their roles which allow you not to keep an eye on each one of them.
  2. With its seamless design and streamlined dashboard, it provides you all the stages of progress and updates which are duly related to any particular project. You can also calculate the measure the number of bugs which are reported, acknowledges and then resolved and you can also get to know about the project completion status.
  3. You can also assign the severity of bugs according to different classes which mean that even if you have 50 bugs then may be 5 of them are serious, and rest of them are small errors. This, in turn, takes off the burden from you.
  4. It also provides browser extension which provides the tester the ability to take any screenshot of any webpage, annotate them and finally report it to the developers at the same time.
  5. Lean Testing also provide a provision to the team members to communicate and also mention each other of the various new updates. The team members can comment and also update the bug’s status. In case any member is not logged in, that person will get notified via email about the update. This allows keeping everybody involved with testing in the loop.
  6. Its Reports also give a better understanding of the performance of the team and allows you to manage different tools in much easier way. The graphic charts also plot number of bugs against time periods which provides you an insight into any possible error in the future.


  1. It has an intuitive interface and simple design.
  2. Provides ability to members to communicate easily.
  3. Reports allow you to get insights regarding your project.
  4. One can easily assign the severity of the bug, which is a plus point.


  1. However, the design of the interface is quite simple, it can appear little too much for the naïve and first-time users. It may need the users to get accustomed to the interface and other features.


Lean Testing is quite a wonderful application which allows you to manage the testing of your project and provides you all the necessary tools to find out bugs. It comes with a provision to keep all the members related to the testing, to remain in the loop which also makes project handling easier and faster. Unlike its other competitors, its lay out and dashboard are quite user-friendly especially when the user get hold of this product.

With this, we put a stop to the review of this amazing application. Do let us know about your views and suggestions by mentioning them in the comment section below.