3 Best Lead Nurturing Software with Buyers Guide


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Octopus CRM

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Lead Nurturing Software

Lead Nurturing Software is actually considered a version of lead management software as it has many similar features and functionalities. Lead nurturing software is specifically designed for building and nurturing a relationship with the lead via every possible stage of the sales funnel.

The software permits sales and marketing executives to build up a long series of trigger-based communication modes through email, social media, SMS, or call reminders throughout the buyer’s sales journey. The tool also provides them score and filter leads. It gives access to a lead’s response to the organization’s marketing and sales campaigns.

Generally, any of the website visitor shares some of the relevant information about themselves to become a qualified lead. it is taken into consideration because they’re interested in your brand. Lead nurturing campaigns assist marketers build relationships with prospects, from the very first interaction to the time they’ve become a frequent return customer.

Lead nurturing campaigns are supposed to communicate with every prospect and customer on the level which they are comfortable with to make them feel valued at individual level, it’s important for campaign content — digital ads, emails, direct mail, etc. — to be personalized. By sending content which directly answers the audiences’ queries and relates to their requirements, you can assist in solving their problems and laying the groundwork to provide solutions which result in sales and long-term customer relationships.

Nurturing is never ever about immediate sales. Actually, it is about inspiring real engagement and keeping the brand at the forefront of the audiences’ and prospective buyer’s minds throughout successfully recurring customer life cycles.

Advantages of Lead Nurturing Software

Lead nurturing software assists you in monitoring leads via the sales process, cultivate the fill grown interest in the brand, and also ensure that not a single prospective customer is lost during the cycle. Here’s a list of the advantages that can be gained by using Lead Nurturing Software:

Delivering a high-quality brand experience: The solution helps in ensuring that each lead receives a consistent, high-quality experience when they interact with business. It assists in enhancing the brand-building efforts and developing a relationship with the leads for, when they are ready to buy, the business is one of their top choices.

Automate time-consuming tasks: Lead nurturing software helps in automating tasks like scheduling appointments, responding to social media messages and sending follow-up marketing and sales emails. This helps in eliminating various time-consuming, recurring tasks from teams’ daily activities, thereby, saving valuable time and resources.

Score and filter leads: The software makes it easier for the team to track and help them in monitoring each lead’s progress through the sales process. Score leads based on various parameters can filter the leads as per their responses. This provides to manage the vast pool of leads and focus on the ones who are truly ready to convert.

Assess the effectiveness of campaigns: The solution provides actionable insights into how the leads respond to the marketing and sales campaigns. Leverage the information to get assess to the effectiveness of the required campaigns, do A/B testing, and reorganize the outreach.

Features of Lead Nurturing Software

Campaign management: Planning  and executing a series of campaigns to target the leads and tracking each communication channel for testing the success of the campaign.

Lead segmentation: Organizing leads into various groups as per the predefined characteristics and allowing them to be automatically moved from one group to another if their characteristics change.

Drip campaigns: Creating email campaigns which target leads in each stage of the sales funnel, and automatically moving the leads between the various stages based on the responses acheived.

Personalization: Tweaking the communication based on each lead’s characteristics, preferences, and interactions with the business and automatically incorporating a lead’s personal details like name, into the communication.

Lead engagement: Keeping leads engaged with targeted and promotional content delivered thru multiple communication channels.

Price of Lead Nurturing Software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher and includes some additional features like a higher number of email templates and better targeting capabilities. It may also facilitate complete process automation and offer custom reporting.

Points to Ponder while buying Lead Nurturing Software

Give due consideration to alternative options: While some solutions offer specialized lead nurturing, various sales automation, marketing automation, and customer relationship management solutions help achieve the same goals. Before choosing a solution, it is better to explore each alternative and then deciding whether you want a core lead nurturing software or prefer to add the functionality to any of the pre-existing systems.

Ensuring solution includes all the features you wish : Some lower-tier solutions and plans are offering limited functionality. Better to list all the requirements and match these to the features in various plans and solutions to make the right choice for your business, 

Review usability and the interface: Opt for a trial before buying a solution. Review the solution’s usability and interface to ensure team can adapt to it.

Check for social media integration: There are some platforms that offer only email capabilities even though most lead nurturing solutions support integration of social media platforms. Therefore, ensure that a solution supports integration with your social media pages and preferred ad platforms.

Lead Nurturing Software Trends

Analytics to power lead nurturing: Lead nurturing software providers have started exploring multiple uses of analytics to truly measure the effectiveness of the outreach. This provides a helping hand to the users for getting granular insights into the target audience’s interaction with the business and for improving conversion rates. As analytics remains critical for lead management, sellers’ application of analytics is expected to evolve in future context.

AI to augment lead scoring: Many of the  solutions provide artificial intelligence (AI) to be utilized as an algorithm-based approach in lead scoring to be known as predictive lead scoring. It helps users predict when a lead is going to make a purchase. While some of the lead scoring models depend on the expertise of the sales and marketing teams, predictive lead scoring functionality does the research and calculations automatically. 

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