Best Lawn Care Software & Buyers Guide


Obsessed with automating tasks Saving time Focus on other important aspects Comprehensive tool in scheduling invoicing payments

Service Assistant

Manage business Client appointment scheduling Technician routing Payment processing Efficient Grow with greater ease


CRM system Manage Automate day quoting Scheduling Invoicing activity to get paid faster Landscapers maintainers irrigation hardscapers


Perfect for lawn care businesses Want to keep jobs on track Provide a seamless customer experience


Simplify Service Business Manage Leads Complete Scheduling & Job Management. Estimates, Jobs Invoices Payments

Smart Service

Add scheduling, billing, work orders, customer management, More to QuickBooks with Smart Service

Lawn Care Software Reviews


Kickserv offers us the opportunity to reschedule and update work orders in real-time quickly. The Quickbooks integration saves us time and money because we only enter customer info once. Best Service-Based Business Asset!! The service-based business is using Kickserv both in the office and out in the field. It’s dispatching feature is perfect while scheduling carpet cleaning jobs geographically to lessen drive times. It can pull reports of which customers are served this time last year so that the user can re-connect and try to get them scheduled again. The phone APP is perfect for the teams. They can see all of the information they need for jobs planned for them during the week. Overall, A++

Pros: This software is straightforward to use and learn. Many companies have been using this system (and the supporting iPhone app) for over the last 8-9 years. Since their start, they have always seen improvements being made behind the scenes like reporting functions, additional data fields, maps, dispatching and QB syncs. Kickserv enabled them to scale up the business and offers us excellent tracking for billing, communication, and customer service.

Cons: There aren’t any prominent cons to Kickserv. If they could improve one thing, it would be making the ability to pull custom reports easier. Other than that, the pre-populated reports give them the information they need when they need it. There are no issues or downside for their company.


Users enjoyed the invoicing and quoting software, and it was just what they needed. Unfortunately, when they wanted to add more features and make their synergies with Jobber more sound, it was a considerable jump in pricing that wasn’t supported by what they offered. Ease of use and fast putting in jobs. It could do a lot more useful if their software managed client credit on account and texting freestyle and dropped their monthly payment to a more reasonable price for small business to use.

Pros: Users establish this for invoicing and quoting, and it is excellent at those tasks. It has a perfect setup for keeping all the jobs in order from advances through invoicing, and it did this for a very reasonable rate. Great look and ease of use. Works on all devices.

Cons: When users started looking at adding more features that they needed in their market, the value to get more features seemed disproportionately costly. Compared to other programs like this, the price for options is relatively high. Jobber is pushing more to have credit cards processed through them and have done away with Paypal payments. There is only texting of canned messages which have been the biggest issue for many. Overall, the $130.00 a month for halfway decent options is too high. If users pay a full year in advance, then that price goes to 99.00 a month. So charging users 30 more spending by the month is another downfall for this software. To spend in advance for little business punishes them. Another failure is handling the clients who overpay or pay in advance by applying credit to their account. Users are not happy over this and do not handle this very well at all!


TurfHop is a game-changer in innovation and ease of use. It has saved many users countless hours of paperwork and payroll. More organized and limits the use of paper. Sending invoices and quotes is super easy and makes it easy more manageable for the clients. TurfHop makes the whole client process seamless, and its an industry game-changer. The software is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to reach their full potential within the landscape industry—an excellent product for comprehensive business management. Turfhop has been great except for the particular few issues, but Turfhop’s technical support is top-notch, and stay assured that they are constantly working to make the software better.

Pros: The looks of the software is the most useful! It resembles and seems like this age, unlike other software in the market. The ease of use is impressive, which is essential in this industry because time is money. Unlike other companies, they listen to their clients and continue to improve the software, which is necessary, especially with the ever-changing industry. The customer service is incredible too! Users won’t regret it. This software allows clients to run their business with ease. It will enable them to enter leads and follow up on scheduling and completing jobs. It helps them keep up with one time jobs to regular employment, and all the billing.

Cons: No cons. All users questions and even concerns have been addressed and fixed by their customer service. They had some software features that made things easier for users. It would be better to see all invoices from 1 to whatever number they end at for the lift for using the software. The email address and a lot of customers never see the estimates, invoices or other messages. Often, it goes to a spam inbox, and some customers complain the never even seen an email from the users. It requires a lot of follow-ups and checking to make sure everyone is getting estimates and invoices.

Lawn Care Software

Lawn Care Software is a type of field and services management tool intended for lawn care corporations. The solution accommodates team members’ schedule tasks, optimises routes for field workers, follows employee work hours, creates invoices for clients, and more.

Advantages of Lawn Care Software

Improve operational efficiency: Lawn care software increases sales operations’ effectiveness, from organizing customer experiences in a centralized digital library to automatic generation of invoices. This reduces the administrative burden on people and saves them up to make more critical tasks that need human consideration. 

Track employee productivity: Lawn care solutions help enterprises follow the performance and productivity of employees. For example, the tool enables visualizing the task designated to a person and pursuing the time he/she employed on it.

Features of Lawn Care Software

Job scheduling: Designate jobs, such as investments or repair work, to organisation members based on their experiences and availability.

Route optimization: Create routes for field operators and practitioners during client site appointments using GPS.

Time tracking: Monitor the time consumed by agents/technicians on detailed tasks. Use the data to produce better support plans and programs.

Customer management: Create an online searchable storehouse of consumer data, such as their names, locations, project type, and instalment details.

Invoicing and estimates: Develop project value estimates for customers and create invoices for work positions.

Equipment management: Follow the availability and position of material and other catalogue items in a digital treasury.

Price of Lawn Care Software

Most products on the business are priced on a “per user per month” basis. These can be classified into three pricing tiers based on the opening prices. The list subsequently decreases pricing for each base plans of most merchandises.

Considerations while Buying Lawn Care Software

Third-party integrations: Integrations are essential if you necessitate the lawn care solution to combine your present solutions for more active data exchange. Payment gateway clarification is a modern software tool that you may require to incorporate with lawn care software. It will help you observe performance data directly in the lawn care software. 

Support costs: Lawn care software merchants typically allow support options such as email tickets and self-help tutorials for free. However, some merchants may charge for advantage phone support. Ensure that you define support costs during the stock demo with the merchant.

Lawn Care Software Trend

Field service mobility with the Internet of things (IoT): Many lawn care solutions allow mobile capabilities, such as GPS tracking routes. Using this to its logical completion, an emerging course to observe out for is the merging of IoT and mobile tech. This could provide field agents to use their smartphones to follow and watch the health of lawn care supplies and other products to promote repair and maintenance assistance.

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