3 Best Issue Tracking Software with ultimate Buyers’ Guide


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Issue Tracking Software

Issue Tracking Software helps in recording and managing customer complaint tickets in order to help users follow up with relevant stakeholders till they get resolved. The solution is typically used in the customer services or information technology (IT) department of an organization. The Issue Tracking Software provides managers with tracking issues by priority levels or sort them by using custom criteria of their choice.

Advantages of Issue Tracking Software

Centralized platform for tracking a wide variety of issues: The software can handle various types of IT and business-related issues like system maintenance, resource sharing, and access change requests. The stakeholders for issue resolution also vary significantly based on the issue type. A centralized pool helps in ensuring  smooth coordination between multiple stakeholders that provide to decrease the overall issue handling and customer management time.

Customized issue tracking job flow: The software offers non-technical users to create a job flow without any specialized coding skills. It offers a technique with drag and drop features where end users can build their own customized job flows with custom fields. Managers can also define roles and give permissions while creating job flows.

Sending automated notifications and alerts : When a large number of tickets are generated, there is an increased risk of a few being unintentionally overlooked. Automated alerts via SMS text or email help the users to remain updated on every customer query until it gets resolved to the desire.

Customer database integration: Integrating issue tracking software with customer collaboration or customer relationship management (CRM) software offers agents with quick access to customer data. It also manages and assists help desk agents to validate customer calls while identifying the correct issue tickets.

Features of Issue Tracking Software

Dashboard: Tracking and viewing metrics using graphs and charts thru a centralized pool.

Ticket management: Tracking, managing, and resolving the issue tickets those raised by stakeholders.

Assignment management: Assigning issues and tickets to wide variety of departments based on their skill set.

Task management: Managing a task throughout its life cycle that includes planning, scheduling, dependencies and milestone tracking, and outcome reporting.

Issues auditing: Examining and evaluating past issues for checking whether they are in compliance with the set standards.

Cost of Issue Tracking Software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher and includes some additional features like scaled data storage, gamification of issue resolution, information technology service management (ITSM) integration, and live call routing.

Considerations while Buying Issue Tracking Software

Checking for analytics component: An analytics component provides built-in metrics for tracking the count of new and closed tickets, backlogs, average ticket reply time, and traffic analysis. Tracking the parameters can offer you to improve customer service.

Total cost of ownership (TCO): While most of the software are priced on a “per agent, per month” basis, some may charge businesses on the basis of total tickets issued in a month. So it is for the buyers to assess their team size versus the total issues raised in a month to identify the best solution for the business. It is also good to keep a check on the installation fee, maintenance cost, and training and support charges while calculating the total cost of ownership.

Issue Tracking Software Trends

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help in knowledge curation: AI-enabled issue tracking tools help in utilizing the data from prevailing and current issues to offer required information to agents. These tracking tools can also helps in creating a knowledge base by summarizing the details related to common problems, known errors, and anticipated resolutions. With AI, organizations are much more capable to identify gaps in their existing knowledge base and can get it updated on a regular basis by using insights from current status and available data.

Chatbots can offer to handle a high volume of issues: Chatbots are very good at automating customer service with 24/7 support and provide proactive customer interaction. They are well versed in offering a rapid system-generated answer and are able to handle a high volume of similar issues. Chatbots can also resolve issues by using the knowledge base and in case of critical needs, they direct a user to the appropriate department. These virtual assistants helps in making the process more collaborative and efficient, as well as enhance agent’s productivity.

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