Interior Design Software: Show Mock-Up of Thoughts

Interior design software is essentially practiced to help home buyers visualize what it would be like to be in a different home. However, the software can be used by designers who want to furnish clients with a realistic picture of their home through the design process or by realtors or home presentation professionals who crave to help buyers envision themselves in their unique home.

It can also benefit anyone who redecorates or remodels furniture, colours, and fixtures using accurate dimensions and designs.

It doesn’t mean if the client requires to remodel their kitchen or restyle their living space. Instead, these tools can communicate your design ideas quickly with a high level of precision with high-quality room design software.

Take a peek at a few of the best software picks for interior designers…

Interior Design Software


  • Online 3D home design platform
  • Professional home builders, remodelers and interior designers
  • Create 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Interior and exterior renderings
  • Intuitive and easy to use software
  • It helps users quickly create photorealistic interior designs
  • Library of 7,000+ customizable pieces
  • 3D furniture, materials and decorations are available
  • Quickly show what their finished project will look like
  • Close more design contracts in less time
  • 100% cloud-based
  • Meet with clients
  • Edit to designs and proposals


  • Design your interior online
  • No need to download any application
  • An attractive choice
  • Core strength lies within its excellent feature
  • Floor plan software
  • App internal design function is pretty good
  • Flexible design the layout
  • Put objects like furniture & windows
  • View the real-time design in 2D or 3D
  • Fundamental features in the app are free
  • Choose to go premium, if you like
  • Ability to see the design in High Definition (HD) with Standard Definition (SD)
  • Draws more floors or interior design within a single project
  • Professional stuff

Planner 5D

  • Excellent immersive app
  • Design the interior
  • Explore virtual house
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ingrained with the drag and drop functions
  • Quickly build and move walls
  • Put high definition items
  • Pick the materials, colours, and sizes
  • To smooth the design process
  • Toggle between 2D and 3D mode on preference
  • Save the rendered photos of the interior and share
  • Use it on iOS and Android devices
  • Plan your interior design on the go.
  • Best looking free app
  • Amateur friendly
  • Downside: save photorealistic rendered photos of innovation, need to pay for it

Sweet Home 3D

  • Use a vast amount of objects in
  • Application library
  • Better simulate the house’s interior
  • Drag and drop the things you need in your creation
  • Determining a layout of the house
  • Even design and irregular wall shape
  • No prior professional design skills or experience required
  • Quickly master the software in a short period
  • Choose the available layout design
  • Draw walls in a 2D medium, but simulated 3D will appear in realtime
  • Take a virtual 3D tour of the virtual interior
  • Turn into photos or video


  • Offers extensive features
  • Provides an enormous array of objects and rotates functions
  • Decent viewing experience
  • Three types of viewing cameras to choose
  • Person camera, free camera, and satellite camera
  • Real-time interior design app
  • Design your walls and furniture in 3D
  • Easy and quick
  • Create the Mood” useful for simulating time of the day
  • The design process is easy and intuitive
  • Furnish your virtual home with furniture

Sketch Up

  • Powerful home design tool
  • Comprehensive 3D design
  • The flexibility of the software gives the feel of drawing by hand
  • Online web app
  • No need to download
  • Add objects to design and customize
  • Download the things you want to use
  • Quite a handy app
  • Use for free
  • A premium subscription gets you additional tools like Augmented Reality (AR) viewing


  • Very intuitive app
  • Pick up and master easily
  • Perfect playlist of tutorial videos
  • Learn things as you try with ease
  • Design the interior from scratch
  • Start dropping items like walls & windows
  • The result is shown instantly both in 2D and 3D
  • Customize them with colours, sizes, or placements
  • Furnish the interior with real-life products
  • More easily imagine with appliances


  • Completely free app
  • Personal or business design maker
  • The vast amount of features inside the app library
  • The app is relatively straightforward to use
  • A considerable amount of tutorial videos to watch
  • The app offers a lot of tools free
  • Provides an excellent utility for commercial uses
  • Load CAD models in formats like DWG and 3DS

Dream Plan

  • Excellent low-profile app
  • Perfect for personal use
  • A massive array of objects to choose from
  • Decent UI
  • Resize and rotate any object to fit the design
  • Include multiple stories or floors to the project and design
  • Sample projects and edit them to get your feet wet
  • Tutorial videos for each object type are available
  • The app is simple enough
  • The accessible version of the software is non-commercial
  • The paid version of the app has more features

Wrap Up

Interior designing helps buyers visualize the property as their future home. And, once staged, homes tend to spend less time on the market. To achieve these goals, interior designers and home staging professionals use interior design software to help create visual room layouts complete with furniture and fixtures and present a realistic view of any space.