iMusic Review


iMusic is the powerful software in the music world which makes it super easy to discover and download your favourite tracks and to get them on any device of your choice. iMusic is all in one music manager and downloader which allows you to easily manage, download and record all your favourite tracks.

Additionally, it also let its users transfer the music to their iPhone/iPad/iPod/ Android and iTunes/Mac/PC. The software is available for both Mac and Windows operating system to cater to the needs of all types of users. This efficient and simple to use software produces excellent results via its unique features. Let’s dig deeper to find out what this software has to offer:

iMusic Interface

The interface of the software is not very complicated, and it is simple to use and navigate. The interface is in a tabbed form where features are placed in an orderly manner. Under the main categories, the sub-sections are present to implement the correct values to the users; it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert; the interface of the software will be helpful for everyone. The software allows its users to download the music by following some simple steps. A download button is placed just near the record button which offers quick access to the download function.

iMusic features

The software is packed with many useful features that let its user manage the iTunes music, download music from YouTube and Spotify directly from any device like iPhone, iTunes, or computer. It allows the user to record music on the computer, Mac or Phone and transfer music files between the Apple devices and iTunes etc. With so many available features, iMusic is all-in-one music software. Let’s take each feature of the software one by one:

  1. Search and download music freely- iMusic has built-in music library equipped with popular artists, genre, and playlists. The user can download any music files for free from this huge list of the music. No matter if you are looking for a wedding song or a song for your kid – iMusic will not let you down, it has such vast music in its library. The software database is so huge that the files will load instantly with just a single button click.
  2. Music is available from over 3000 sites – The software allows you to download your favourite music track from more than 3000 sites like YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, Pandora, Dailymotion, last.Fm, FB etc. It offers a seamless downloading of the file on your Mac or PC without having to worry about the bad internet and sloppy hardware. Downloading the music is as simple as just pasting the URL into the given bar and clicking a button.
  3. Software records songs and playlists – Software offers a wonderful feature where it can record a song. For that, you just have to navigate to the record tab and click on the record button present on the bottom of the window. The software will tell you the name of the artist, song, year and genre automatically. The software can record radio, voice and YouTube music.  The recorded files are good to hear with little or no background noise.
  4. Music transfer between Apple devices and iTunes – It is one of the best features of the software. The tool allows the user to sync/transfer music files between different devices like iPhone, iPod/iPad/Mac to iTunes without even creating duplicates. Usually, when we try to sync our files to iTunes, the duplicates are created which really are annoying. Just by clicking, the software copies the music from the device to iTunes library and that too without generating the copies. For the people who regularly download and create new playlists, this is a very good feature as it allows them to listen to them on different devices. Once uploaded on the iTunes Library, the song can be played on any Apple device. This software prevents users from going through some hard steps to transfer their favourite music to different devices.
  5. Transfer music from Android to iTunes – The software is suitable for the users who own Android devices as it allows the transfer in a very easy manner. This tool supports Android and iOS operating system. This tool allows a user to transfer the music and media files from Android phones to your Apple devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad and iTunes. The software supports Android 2.1 and higher. You just have to plug the phone to your windows and Mac laptop and open the tool. With just a few clicks, you can easily transfer the files from your Android to Apple devices and vice versa. The software also allows music files to be exported from iTunes to Android devices. Now you can easily export the music files you love from your friend having an Android phone to your Apple device.
  6. Backup/Rebuild iTunes Library – iMusic software has other great features as well. It allows you to rebuild the broken iTunes library. If you fear to lose your favourite music, you can use this tool to back up the iTunes library, and the tool can even rebuild it if you have lost it somehow. There are many reasons like crashed SDD or Hard drive which may cause you to lose your iTunes Library. In this case, iMusic can help you in rebuilding your iTunes library. You can find this option within the toolbox menu. You just have to connect and scan the devices, and this software will handle the rest.
  7. It can fix the entire iTunes Library – This feature allows the users to clear dead and expired music from iTunes, and it also makes it possible to put the correct labels in the unknown tracks and help you to correct the mislabeled songs. You can easily manage the entire iTunes library with this tool. For the music lover, managing and cleaning the tracks takes so much of time. By using this tool, you can easily remove the broken and duplicate tools and also can put correct tracks along with fixing the front covers.

The software after scanning the iTunes library brings sufficient information about missing tags, duplicates and covers. Users can take action accordingly. By using this, you can easily fix the mixing taps and remove the duplicates from the iTunes Library which saves a lot of time.

  • Power Toolbox – There are a few more options that make the software very useful. Within the toolbox, you will find other options like Remove DRM, Convert Music Formats, Backup/Restore iTunes, CAR playlist and Burn CD. DRM is basically the protection layer which is present over the media files available on the iTunes. This protective layer prevents the sharing of music with another device like Android. So now with this software, you can get rid of that protective layer and share those media files with anyone. You can also burn the CDs directly from the iTunes and the music files present on the device which speeds up the process. The software allows you to change the music files format by the inbuilt music converter tool.


 iMusic comes with three buying plans. For one year subscription the Software costs for $39.95. The plan allows you to use this software for one year and for 1 PC. For lifetime access, you will have to spend $ 59.95, and for family access, you will have to pay $149.88 where you will get a multiple-user license for lifetime access.


While the software is certainly very useful, it also does a great job in transferring the music from Apple devices to iTunes and Android phones. The software also lets users transfer the music from Android phones to Apple devices. iMusic allows the user to download music from thousands of online sources and sync them directly to the iTunes library. This is the best music manager out there, and the best part is that it allows its users to have a free trial.

Image Credits: iMusic from u-t/Shutterstock