The Importance of Custom Software Development In 2018

Software Development

Did you know, that on average, most people stay on a web page for less than a minute? Getting customers to pay attention nowadays is a real problem and if youíre not fast, youíre behind. This trend can be seen everywhere. And the biggest challenge is not sacrificing quality with speed.


Fighting against the trend

As intimidating as the above threat sounds, not all hope is lost. One way to fight back is through Agile Methodology – which focuses on fast and flexible change while reiterating the process until perfect. To maintain speed and not lose quality, the custom software development process is a great approach – which takes the agile approach into consideration. It is hard to juggle efficiency, cost, and quality all together but when done right, itís easy to notice.

Here is where custom software development comes in. Every firm and company is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, custom software is ideal for organizations looking for a fix tailored to their each and every need. The custom software trend is the latest software trend and for a good reason. Choosing between off-the-shelf software (already available software in the market) and going with the custom approach has always been a dilemma, but itís obvious that organizations are leaning towards custom software based on the trend.


Custom Vs Off-The-Shelf

Off-the-shelf software, meanwhile, often comes with many unused features and is sometimes bloated. This, in turn, can be seen in the fact that people are starting to abandon slow software and solutions. In 2018, speed is the name of the game. For startups and corporations alike, getting people to pay attention is becoming harder and harder. The same trend applies to user-experience, where graphic designers are thinking of different ways to hold and capture peopleís attention.

Nowadays, users are very fickle, if they donít like something, theyíll make sure you know it, or drop it and move on to the next shiny object that sparks their attention. Hence why holding their attention is so important. For web pages and software companies, this is the biggest threat. But it doesnít have to be.


The Final Solution

Creating custom software for your industry or niche might seem challenging at first, especially if youíre not a developer. And the fact that customers are different based on each platform they choose to use (phone, laptop, etc.) adds on to the list of problems. There are a lot of requirements for each company, the problem is different and unique everywhere. Using an off-the-shelf software is like putting a square peg in a round hole. Even if you somehow do it, itís noticeable and awkward.

So, why deal with all that trouble when instead you can get custom software made specifically for you and you alone. Customizable software development with an agile approach is ideal to implement custom solutions tailored to your organization. The best way to approach problems that are unique to you is to fix them with unique solutions made just to prevent them.

If you want something done right, do it yourself. If you canít, the next best thing is getting someone to do it for you the way you like it.