3 Best Idea Management Software and Buyers’ Guide


Social collaboration platform Available in cloud On-premise with open source code access Share Discuss ideas Manage knowledge Manage projects Suits remote teams who want to keep in touch Collaborate efficiently


Build lovable products Roadmaps is a product management suite Best way to set strategy Prioritize features Share visual plans Dedicated feedback product Best for crowd source feedback Engage community Develop customer empathy


Collaborative whiteboard platform Teams of any size Trusted by million users worldwide Easily collaborate Centralize communication Cross-functional team work Deep integrations with Microsoft Ecosystem Atlassian Ecosystem Slack Box DropBox Sketch 

Idea Management Software

Idea Management Software assists businesses to create a systematic procedure to develop, share, brainstorm, and implement those ideas into practically into an innovative real-world scenarios. These software provide users a basic and common platform to submit new ideas related to business projects, operations, and processes, while some others can weigh in with important input and brain-stromed feedback.

Advantages of Idea Management Software

Gives improvement: Every ideas generally are pitched for improving something, whether it’s ideas on streamlining a process, cost cutting, upgrading machines, how to improve safety, or how to enhance the customer experience. The ability to manage, capture, and act accordingly upon ideas in an organized manner will give advantage to any organization by enhancing existing procedures.

No skipping of ideas: Any good or bad suggestion, is worth to be considered. Simply by discussing it with people around the table and dropping the idea can lose potential solutions. Idea management solutions prevent this as it lays out a systematic approach of discussing, gathering, and implementing ideas. It ensures that no suggestion ever gets skipped or missed due to any human misunderstanding or negligence.

Increases collaboration: Idea management solution is not only for sharing ideas. it also provides equal opportunity to other employees to comment on an issue for enhancing other’s ideas. By enabling this kind of discussion, all employees cooperate and collaborate on ideas to shape them into more innovative opportunities.

Features of Idea Management Software

Idea ranking: Ranking ideas based on the votes received and highlighting the highest favored.

Ideation: Creating, developing, sharing, and storing highly innovative new ideas.

Collaboration: Working collaboratively by discussing ideas, sharing information, and communicating progress within the team.

Mind mapping: Organizing information in a hierarchical way for establishing and displaying the relationship through ideas.

Approval workflow: Routing documents and other data by one or more stakeholders for reviewing and approving.

Search: Searching for ideas from a centralized pool of ideas using a text-based query.

Cost of Idea Management Software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product, is priced higher and includes additional features like unlimited boards, public-private groups, and priority support.

Considerations while Buying Idea Management Software

Decentralized versus centralized solutions: Ensure to evaluate stakeholders. whether they are going to top executives or people from senior management or entire workforce from all levels of the organization. Under first category with limited participants go for solutions that charge on a per user, per month basis. Under second category where entire organization is a part of the ideation process, take a bulk monthly plan which cost for at least 100 users.

Go through online reviews: Choosing the perfect solution is not easy when there are large range of products are exist in the market. Going through reviews from users on websites can help as a good resource for understanding and experiencing a few products before making any buying commitments.

Idea Management Software Trends

Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI): As of now, idea management has relied on the personal submission of idea and panel evaluation. They are mostly evaluated as they are explained to the panel and the tentative advantages can offer post-implementation. Generally most of the steps are involved in an ideation process need heavy manual work. Continual advancement of technology in the space of AI and machine learning has provided a huge opportunity in the idea management process. AI-enabled software are getting better in analyzing the details of an idea and evaluate credibility based on the success rate of implemented ideas in the past. They are better evaluators of the implementation journey for highlighting any disadvantages and shortcomings. It can even proactively suggest and address to those problems.

Cloud-based solution will be top priority: Cloud-based software or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is continuing and will definitely continue in future, to be the first priority of businesses while purchasing a new idea management software. Advantages like accessibility, affordability, and integrability which comes with cloud-based deployment options ensure them to be a great choice for most of the businesses.

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