How to Share Photos Stored on Your Computer in WhatsApp Mobile

WhatsApp has helped to reshape the realm of long-distance communication. Utilizing internet connections rather than SMS texting, WhatsApp essentially created a faster, leaner, and easier-to-use emailing service. While the facade of the app makes it appear like text messaging, the actual functionality is no different than an email, facebook post, or skype call.

The only distinction is that WhatsApp manages to feel like a simpler and more private way to connect. Itís no wonder that Facebook decided to acquire the app in 2014 for $19bn. Less than a year later, WhatsApp web was launched as a way to sync your messages from your phone to your computer.

WhatsApp web was the logical progression from their hugely successful mobile app. Now users are able to link their accounts between their phones and computers, opening up the floodgates for more extensive multimedia sharing.

However, one thing that WhatsApp Web doesnít account for is spontaneity. If you have constant access to your computer, then you wonít have any problems sending or receiving photos in the spur of the moment. But what if, god forbid, youíre away from your computer and you realize that you need to send someone a pic that isnít stored on your phone?

While this problem might not seem too dire, itís important to note that many people face a constant struggle with phone storage limitations and in-the-moment photo sharing. Letís say, for instance, that you went on a beautiful hike last week and took some amazing pics.

You then uploaded all of your photos onto your computer, while subsequently deleting them from your mobile. Now youíre massaging your loved one whoís thousands of miles away and want to share your hiking adventure with them. If you have access to your computer, you could just use WhatsApp Web to send those pics. However, if youíre away from your computer, youíd be left photoless and frustrated. Thatís where younity comes to the rescue.

younity is a media server app that creates a connection between your mobile devices and computer hard drive. With younity, you have access to all of the files stored on your computer from within the mobile app. You can stream, share, or download your videos, photos, music, and anything else. As long as your computer is on and connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll have complete and unfettered access.


younity works great in conjunction with messaging apps like WhatsApp. If you’re on-the-go and away from your computer, you can use younity to access your media files and open them inside of WhatsApp. With younity, you can be spontaneous with your media sharing while still saving space on your phone.

There are no file size limitations or file type restrictions. younity simply provides seamless and elegant mobile access to whatever is stored on your computer. And within the younity app, you can easily locate and export your media files into practically any external app that you’d like.

To use younity with WhatsApp:


  1. Open the younity app on your mobile device
  2. Find and select the photo you want to share
  3. Tap the Open In icon in the bottom right of your screen
  4. In the top row, find and select WhatsApp
  5. Select who you want to share your photo with
  6. Write a message to include with the photo
  7. Tap Send


  1. Open the younity app on your Android device
  2. Find and select the photo you want to share
  3. Tap the triple dot icon to the right of the photo you want to share
  4. Select Export
  5. Select WhatsApp
  6. Select who you want to share your photo with
  7. Write your message
  8. Tap Send

While WhatsApp Web is useful for syncing your messages between mobile and desktop devices, it doesn’t grant you the extent of access and versatility that younity can provide. We recommend using younity in conjunction with WhatsApp mobile, WhatsApp Web, and any other messaging apps that you use, such as Facebook messenger, Kik, or Viber. Whoever you decide to connect with can now be treated to spontaneous photo sharing, all thanks to younity!

Click here for more information on installing and setting up younity.