How to Save Drive Space by Removing Files you Don’t Need

If your hard-drive space is running out, the most efficient way to make more room is to find and removeunnecessaryfiles. This will reduce clutter and boost performance.

Anti-Twin( for XP / Vista / 7 ) is a program what will locate duplicate fles. To find and remoce space-hogging files, use Window Search and WinDirStat.

Step 1 : In Anti-Twin, select the folder in which you want to search for duplicated files. Tick ‘Compare names’, ‘Identical file size’ and set ‘Match min’ to 100%. Click ‘Search for same names’.

Step 2 : Identical files are highlighted in the same color, Green square indicate the files to be kept. Click to select the ones you want to delete. Right-click to keep only one file in a group.

Step 3 : Click ‘Delete selected files’. You can choose what to do with these files. initially, it’s best tomovethem to a back-up folder or send them to the Recycle Bim, just to be on the safe side.

Step 4 : Not all duplicates have the same name, Select ‘Compare content’, ‘Compare images’, set ‘Match min’ to 90% and set the folder to the place where you keep photos.Clickingan image name displays the photos, so you can check if they’re the same and mark them for deletion.

Step 5 : To instantly find the biggest space hogs, click Start, then Computer. Double-Click your hard drive , click the search box, type size:gigantic and right-click files in the results to delete them or move them to a DVD-R or back-up.

Step 6 : For a full size-based tidy-up, WinDirStat can be runwithoutinstalling. Click Size to order folders by the size of individual files inside them. The contents of your drive are represented by the blocks below. Right-click for delete options.