How to recover lost Photo, Video, Music and Archive from Hard Drive?

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recover Lost Photos, Videos, Music, And Archive From Hard Drive Effectively. This article covers all the methods and ways through which you can recover data from hard Drive. The content also covers about the recommended software for the different scenarios.

Why Do You Need Hard Drive Data Recovery?

Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are many reasons and one of them is human errors. Human error inflicting data loss is most typical of all for instance erasing one thing we don’t mean to, or causing physical damage due to dropping of storage device. additionally, massive virus attacks are one of the factors inflicting data loss.

Luckily, you’ll be able to fix your data yourself, as you’ll be able to take care of a virus attack on your computer. Malware if not dealt with, will spread like wild fire causing partial or complete damage to your important data. In each cases you’ll need proper tools.

This text explains your disk recovery choices just in case of a hard drive failure or data corruption. The top risk of losing data is due to files deletion, while not having any backups, it is very frustrating at times. Since updating files or deleting them are quite common activities and we do them nearly on a daily basis, thatís why we need tools to recover data†at all times.

Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

Wondershare Data Recovery Tool is one of the best Tools out there for complete data recovery in case of any kind of hard Drive data loss. Wondershare Hard Drive Recovery tool ensues complete recovery for your Music, Documents, Emails, Archives, Images from your affected Hard Drive, USB drive and External Drive.

Wondershare data Recovery tool is available for mac and Windows operating systems and offers very powers recovery modes such as deep scan and recovery and the support for over 550 file formats it canít get any better. The interface is very easy and very interactive, with few click you will be able to recover your lost data in no time.

Recover Hardrive Data With Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

1. After you have installed the software simply launch it, the first wizard screen will specify that you will have to answer 2 simple questions in order to recover your lost data from your Hard Drive. Click Next.
(note: if you donít want to use the wizard you can simply switch to standard mode)

the wizard

2. Right after you click next the wizard will ask you to specify what kind of files you want to recover here we have options for Photos, Mp3/Audio, Video, Office Document, Email, or simply All file type. For example, here we select MP3 audio files which were deleted from the drive few days back.

type of files

3. Now that you have specified the type of file you want to recover, you must specify the location in your hard Drive where you lost the specific files, in this window we have options for a specified location, External Removal Device, Recycle Bin, Desktop and My Documents if you donít remember the location you can simply select ďI canít rememberĒ or If you lost the partition from where you lost the files you can select ďI canít find my partitions.

where did you lose the file

4. Here we have selected the location where we lost those mp3/audio files.

the location

5. The Next window will ask you, if you want to enable Deep scan recovery mode, through this option you can recover the files which were lost through formatting along with complete folder structure. This is very useful mode, but it might take more time than normal recovery.

ready to search for files

6. Right after you click start the Wondershare Data Recovery tool will start searching for your lost files.

start searching

7. In our case the Deleted MP3 files were found and displayed along with their title, Size and Health Status. When the files have been found simply select the file or multiple files through check box and click recover.


8. You will need to specify the location where you want to recover lost files however you must make sure that you donít save the files to the directory path where you lost them. Simply click recover and all of your lost files will be recovered to the specified folder.

specify the location

Tips For Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • For data loss Prevention, it might be a good idea to increase the size of your Recycle Bin to accommodate an accidental deletion.
  • Creating frequent backups for your important prevents data loss. If this information is of any importance, the system on which you create backups must be reliable and used on a regular schedule. You can also create frequent backups on your cloud drive services like, One Drive, Google Drive etc.
  • Whenever a folder or a file is deleted remember, its stays in hard Drive for a specific time due to Hard Drive Data Retention. However, you must make sure that there are no significant overwrites throughout the data loss interval.
  • It is preferred that you install the latest and updated Antivirus Software to prevent any kind of malware or Curb Virus Attacks on your Hard Drive data. The viruses and malwares have mutated over the time and they need to be handled frequently in order to prevent data losses.
  • Exposing Hard Drive to Extreme Temperatures hot and cold can cause Circuitry damage resulting in Permanent data loss. Extreme power Fluctuations can also cause your Hard Drive to be damaged so make sure to always use power surges to prevent such data loss.


This article has covered most effective data Recovery Techniques and Tools for data recovery. Although we have several companies that provide the data recovery Software, but Wondershare Data Recovery Tool has outstood due to features such as Wizard Mode Recovery, Standard Mode Recovery, Deep Scan, Simple and easy Graphical User Interface with most effective search mechanism for the formatted and deleted files.