How to Print to Any Printer from Android

google cloud print

Google Cloud Print lets you print directly from an Android device to a compatible printer. However, even if your printer isn’t compatible, you can still print through Chrome, as long as it’s running on the PC that thisincompatibleprinter is attached to.

Cloud Print Android app
(Android / Windows XP/Vista/7/8)

This app allows you to print from android very easily, lets see what steps are required in detail.

google cloud print

Step 1: Sign into Chrome with your Google account, if you haven’t already. Click the menu button and choose Settings. Scroll down to Google Cloud Print and click the ‘Add printers’ button.

Step 2 : Sign into your Google account on the website if necessary and click the ‘Add printers’ button. Your printer should be added automatically. Click the ‘Manage your printers’ link to see a list of all the printers your can print to and check your local printer is there.

Step 3 :Search for Cloud Print on the Google Play store on your Android device and install it. Launch the app and sign into the same account you’re using on your PC. Click the Settings button in the top right . Select the printer you’ve just set up, from the list.

Step 4 :Select ‘Printer settings’ to configure your printer. Most of the default optionsavailablein your printer driver should be here, including the number of copies required and orientation.

Step 5 :From Cloud Print click on the Local tab, Select the type of file you want to print, then select it from the list of options. The ‘Ready to print’ page will appear. You can make final adjustments by pressing the ‘Page setup button’ or just press ‘Click here to Print’.

Step 6 :Some Google apps, like Google Drive and email, let you print from the menu. If there’s no Print option, try selecting Share instead. Cloud Print should come up as one of the options.