How to Make Time Lapse Video that Captures 15 hours in One Minute (Windows)

Time Lapse photo by Sean MacEntee

In Time Lapse videos the concept is to take a number of photos of the same object over time and then play the photos back in really quicksuccession.

With some awesome videos made in time lapse, I personally liked these two great films : Butterflies and Milky way, you can make your own using a webcam and a free software ChronoLapse.

Make a Time Lapse Video for Free

ChronoLapse(XP/Vista/7/8) :

Step 1. To install ChromoLapse, download the Zip folder, extract the files and double-click chronolapse.exe.Plug in your webcam. Run ChronoLapse, tick the webcam box and click configure. The default color and output settings will make a video suitable for streaming online.


Step 2. In the configure webcam box, Test webcam to open a viewer window so you can set up your camera. Use your webcam’s software to tweak brightness settings if necessary. Choose a folder to save the photos to, and select a file format. Lossless PNG files stands up best to editing.

Step 3. Choose how many seconds to leave between shots and click start Capture, If you’d rather control the interval manually, type 0 in Time Between Captures box and click Force Capture to take each shot. Click Register Hotkey to choose a keyboard shortcut.


Step 4. Leave the software running for several hours. It takes 900 photos to create 30 seconds of video at 30fps (frames per second). That’s 15 hours of shooting at 60-second intervals. When you’r done, click Stop Capture, You can schedule a start and stop time using the Schedule tab.

Step 5. To batch resize photos before turning them into a video, click Adjust. Click the dots after the Source Folder box and navigate to the foldercontainingyour photos. Choose an Output Folder, and a width and height to adjust to. Click Resize. You can also batch rotate your photos.


Step 6. Click Video, and pick a source and destination folder. In the MEncoder box, find the mencoder.exe file in the folder you unzipped the software to. Choose your video output settings. Your photos aren’t deleted, so try different frame rate until you’e happy. Click Create Video.