How to Find the Best Student Discounts on Cheap Software

Cheap Software

Students are the people of the world who have the least amount of time to make a living, yet, they are often the ones who are forced to endure the largest amount of expenses. Because being a student can be so incredibly expensive, it seems the last thing you would want to do is pay out of your pocket for the software you need to succeed.


While it seems, there is little that can immediately be done to change the expensive nature of being a student, there are a few ways that you can at least save on software. By knowing where and how to shop for software, you will be amazed at the number of discounts that are available to students of all kinds.


Always keep an eye out for student discounts

Because the number of students needing software is so high, discount software stores everywhere are actively competing to acquire your attention. They know you do not have a lot of extra money to spend and they are willing to do what it takes to assure that you are someone who can become a long-term client.


When you begin your search for student discounts, the most natural place to start is your given college or university’s bookstore. Most college and universities will have unique opportunities to save on both software and hardware that are only available to the students who actively go there.


But don’t let the convenience of your local bookstore limit your search for what may truly be the best deal available. Taking the time to comparison shop and look beyond the ivy walls is something that can really pay off over time. Both Apple and Microsoft are consistently offering discounts just for students. You may be able to save a substantial amount of money by reaching out directly to the manufacturer themselves.


When you are shopping for discounted software, you are likely going to need a .edu email address in order to get the student discounts you are looking for. Some manufacturers offer student-specific (academic) versions of their product, and these are not available to just anybody. But as long as you have the ability to prove that are actively a student, these discounts are readily available.


Find discounts for OEM Software

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software is something that has been developed by a certified third party, but approved by the primary manufacturer. OEM software can quite frequently offer the exact same quality as what you find in the standard package but is available for just a fraction of the price.


Many individuals who opt to buy OEM can end up saving over 50% in total costs. To find these incredible savings opportunities, you can look online, contact a local retailer, or try to find a list of certified OEM organizations.


Take advantage of the savings offered by bundling

Another great way you can save on software is by taking advantage of bundling packages. Generally, the more software you are willing to buy at once, the more you can potentially save over time. Microsoft Office is a great example of bundling. With Microsoft Office you can purchase Word, Excel, Outlook, and others for just a fraction of what you would be paying if you had bought each of them individually.


Another great way you can “bundle” your purchases is by actively utilizing bulk discounts. If you have roommates, friends, or any other people that you know who are going to be purchasing the same types of applications as you, you can all save a substantial amount of money by making your purchases together. If you are able to organize a group of even just two people, you can both end up paying much less than you would have if you had decided to make your purchases separately.


When you first look at the cost of software, you have every right to be overwhelmed. You never expected to be paying this much, and as a student, you are trying to hold onto to every last cent you possibly can. Though you may not be able to rid yourself of the necessity, but by being a conscious consumer, you can certainly find some much needed savings.