How to Find Suitable Check Printing Software?

Check Printing

Did you know as a business proprietor, you could print your own checks? Yes, no more spending money on pre-printed checks. You can customize your checks, protect financial data, save on resources, generate tax reports with ease, and more by printing your own MICR checks for payroll and accounts payable.

You could start saving on time and costs by investing in check printing software. There are many such printing software options like MultiCHAX, QuickBooks, Sage 50 and Peachtree software available in the marketplace. Understandably, the decision to pick one for your business can be daunting.

Here are different factors you should consider while checking out software for printing your checks.

How to Find Suitable Check Printing Software?

Compatibility with Accounting Software

If you are already using accounting software for your daily needs, ensure the printing software is entirely compatible with the accounting software. Compatibility is essential as many accounting programs provide integrated features such as check numbers for bank identification, speeding up the printing process without interference.

Look for a check printing program compatible with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and QB Online, as QuickBooks is home to 7 million customers globally. Other popular software includes Sage 50, Quicken, Great Plains, and other MS Windows-based systems.

Method of Bank Selection

Do you want to select the bank account every time you print checks, or do you want the accounting program to handle the bank selection? There are three methods of bank selection that come with check printing:

  • Manual
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Automatic

If you want to instruct the software every time you do a check run on the bank account to choose from, then go for printing software that offers a manual mode of bank selection. At the beginning of each check run, you will be asked for the bank name and the starting check number.

If you are using accounting software like QuickBooks or Quicken, you can opt for the semi-automatic mode of bank selection. Using this method, you can place a bank number in the check account description, which the accounting software will print on the face of the check.

If you are using accounting programs that print check numbers on the check’s face, the printing software can use the same information to determine the correct bank account in the automatic mode.  

Security Features

Look for software that lets you share data among multiple users while ensuring the security of the data being shared. Printing software allows data sharing with files being encrypted and password protected. Other features that you can control for security purposes are maintaining user access rights according to bank accounts, limiting the dollar amount that one can print, and disabling the printing of blank checks.


Does the software allow customization of checks? What components can you control in terms of the appearance of the check? Look for printing software that will enable you to manage the position of printable items on the check.

Depending on the software, you can also choose how users will print the checks. For example, you can pick from 3-page style sheets or Z-fold, or top, bottom, middle style, irrespective of the accounting program you are using.

Ease of Use

The job of check printing software is to help you save time, effort, and resources. If the installation process is complex, or the blank check forms are not compatible with all bank accounts, then the software defeats the purpose of why it was bought.

Look for printing software that is easy to install, comes with pre-formatted check configurations and setup instructions. Ask whether the software vendor will help you with the installation process and inquire about their customer support policies beforehand.

Pricing Plans

The printing software should be a cost-efficient option. Look for different pricing plans available and the different features offered in those plans. Ask questions about the pricing plan like:

  • Can your accounting program be used with the software?
  • What is the number of bank accounts you could operate?   
  • How many templates does your pricing plan offer?
  • What are the bank selection methods provided?
  • Is the vendor offering free customer support?

Checkprinting software could help your business save on expenses. You can customize checks according to your brand, keep financial data private and manage different bank accounts seamlessly. Consider the points mentioned above when searching for software that helps you print checks.

If the vendor offers demo software, do leverage the offering to understand if the software would be a good fit for your business. Also, look out for customer reviews as they can provide insights into the product performance.