How to Create your own free Wi-Fi hotspot

By turning your PC into an internet hotspot, you can share a public Wi-Fi log-on with others or closely control guest access to your own.

To use Connectify’s Access Point option, you must have Windows 7 and a supported network adapter. See for a list of compatible devices.

Connectify Hotspot :

Step 1

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.34.04 PM

Click the Connectify icon in your Taskbar. In the free version, the hotspot name defaults to Connectify-me 2 and can’t be changed. The Pro version ($44 a year) lets you rename your hotspot.

Step 2

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Choose which connection you want to use to create the hotspot from the ‘Internet to Share’ drop-down 4In Sharing Mode, 1 select the Wi-Fi Access Point ??12 ??menu. If you’re not sure, click ‘Help me pick’ and the software will tell you the most suitable option.

Step 3

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From the Share Over drop-down menu, 1 choose which method you want people to connect with. The free version allows sharing over Wi-Fi. To share over Ethernet, you must have a Pro account.

Step 4

In Sharing Mode, select the Wi-Fi Access Point option. If this isn’t available, try ‘Wi-Fi Ad Hoc, ????Open’ to give anyone access, or ‘Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc, Encrypted (WEP)’ to use a password.

Step 5

Type a password for your hotspot into the Password box. It must be at least eight characters long. Using numbers and special characters is optional, but the ??password is case sensitive. Click Start Hotspot.

Step 6

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To connect another device to your hotspot, find ‘Connectify-me’ in your network list and type the ??password. The Clients tab shows any devices connected to your hotspot. Pro users can share files by dragging and dropping them onto this tab.