How to Convert your PC in an iPad Interface

WinLaunch gives your Windows Desktop a slick iPad like launchpad. You can put applications, documents and popular Windows tools in easy reach and sort them into folders. It’s easy to switch between your Desktop and the launcher, and you can design your own themes.

WinLaunch : winlaunch.bplaced.net| Vista / 7

Step 1 : Check which version of WinLaunch you need (32 bit or 64 bit) by going to Control Panel, System and looking under ‘System type’ Then choose the most appropriate version for your hardware. ‘Lion Blur’ is recommended for most PCs.

Step 2 : to add items, hit the F key to reduce WinLaunch to a window and drag programs, folder and files onto it. You can open folders and menus from your desktop in the background. To remove items, click and hold your mouse on an icon, then click the cross that appears.

Step 3 : To add a Control Panel or Windows tool, right-click it, choose ‘Create shortcut’, then drag the shortcut into WinLaunch. You can change the name and fie path of icons by clicking the cross, choosing Edit and clicking the section you want to change. Click confirm when done.

Step 4 : To organise icons into folders, drag and hold one icon over another. A new folder will be created, containing both icons. You can drag other icons into or out of this folder. Click the folder name to change it.

Step 5 : In settings, Activation, choose a Hotkey that will be used to switch between WinLaunch and your Windows desktop. Hovering over selected HotCorners will also toggle between them. Untick ‘Start’ with Windows’ if you don’t want it to do that.

Step 6 : Under Design, you can change the background color and image, and set how the launcher appears in Animation. There are options to change the size of icons, and the color and design of folders. Click ‘Save theme’ to store your design as a template.