How to Convert 4K Videos – Best 4K Video Converter for Windows PC

Convert 4K Videos

We have seen the difference now that 4K is taking its position in the field of video creation, as it is offering higher resolution than any other format. Lets make it clear: HD offers 1,366 x 768 pixels, full HD is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and 4K is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution. The more the pixel, the more the resolution, thus providing more video quality.

However, 4K videos have different formats and codes, so we cant edit them to common video formats, like MP4, MOV and more, in Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Windows, IOS, or iMovie perfectly. Also, only a few devices support 4K, and there are few options for playing 4K videos in the video players.

Then, how can we convert 4K videos to regular for enjoying in our various devices? Dont worry. The following is the exact answer. Lets go though it now.

Best Top 4K Video Converter for Windows PC

Actually, to play 4K videos smoothly on various devices, we just need a professional video converter to convert the 4K video into more commonly used video formats like MP4, MP3, WMV, MOV, HEVC, H.264, etc.

After testing hundreds of video converter that are working online and offline, free and premium based, integrate all aspects of performance, here we would like to share this professional 4K video converter WinX Video Converter.

And below are its highlights we summarized. You can check and judge if it is best suited to your needs.

  • Convert 4K video formats among MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, HEVC/H.264, MOV, MP3 and 370+ formats.
  • Just take 26 seconds to convert 1GB 4K video to MP4.
  • Edit, cut, crop, merge 4k video footage, add subtitle to video, adjust video parameters like bit rate, frame rate, volume, etc.
  • Batch download videos from 1000+ websites and convert video to MP4, MP3.
  • Compress the large 4k videos size by up to 90% [100 MB to 8 MB] without quality loss.

After checking its features, now lets see how to use WinX Video Converter to Convert 4K videos quickly.

How to Convert 4K Video Using WinX Video Converter

Step 1. Load your source video(s). First, download WinX Video Converter and install it on your computer, then run it. Click “+Video” to load the source video file into the software, and then browse and open target items.

P.S. If you need to transcode multiple video files, simply choose all of them for batch conversion. It will save you much time and energy.

Step 2. Choose your output format. After loaded, an Output Profile panel will pop up automatically. In this screen, you will find many preset MP4 output profiles. Choose one based on your own needs. Here I select MP4 Video (codec: H.264+ AAC) under General Profiles category for a balance of quality and size.

  • Note:

You can customize your video before converting if you need. Here are some basic tips for you:

  • Select the target track or disable unwanted tracks: On the main interface, click on the drop-down list of video, audio or subtitle to select your target video/audio/subtitle track or disable multitrack at all.
  • Tweak video/audio parameters: Click the Setting button, here you can compress 4K to 1080p/720p, change frame rate, bitrate etc.

Step 3. By default, output files will be stored in C:\Users\admin\Videos\WinXVideos\. If you want to change the destination folder, just click the Browse button. Then click “RUN” to start converting your videos. After then, you’re able to play output MP4 video on desktop, TVs, mobiles and more.

?Other useful tips:

  1. Turn on “Use High Quality Engine”for better image quality.
  2. Click “Auto Copy” if the output video codec files are the same with the input.
  3. Set “Deinterlacing” if your source is an interleaving video.
  4. Import all clips you want to put together, and click “Merge”to combine them into one.
  5. Enable “Intel” or “nVIDIA” accordingly to improve the video converting speed.

Concluding Words

Above is the best video converter we would like to share to you. If you are searching for more 4K video converter, then you can refer to this guide on top 4k video converters. This article collected more tools to help convert 4K videos.