How to be the Best Babysitter by using your iPhone or iPad

Being left holding the baby is an expression that normally suggests you’re missing out somehow, and that youre the one left behind. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the case if you take your smartphone or tablet with you.

Now this might panic some, as the idea of using your cool and expensive device as a plaything for youngsters doesn’t sound like it can end well. However, there are ways in which you can deploy your device in order to make sure your evening watching the little ones runs smoothly from playtime to bedtime, and beyond.

This How To… looks at the ways you can use your device as an entertainment source, as well as resource for your peace of mind, and a way of staying close even when you’re not in the room. Take inspiration from this, and you’Il be the sitter the kids insist on having.

1. Let me entertain you

Kids can be demanding, so starting off on the right foot is crucial. We decided an interactive storybook would be the perfect way to go. and we settled on the dependable. The Land of Me – Story Time.

2. Pick and Choose

The main reason for choosing this app was that it allows users to choose exactly the type of story they want, inciuding the main character, as well as the type of story and the ending, be it happy or sad, and so on.

3. Being Careful

Having wowed them, the kids are now pretty excited. We start to think it might be a good idea to have some first aid or health advice on hand seeing as they won’t sit still long enough to be covered in bubble wrap.

4. Child Health

We eventuaily found the Child Health app, which is a very useful reference app where you can search through a host of illnesses, disorders and accompanying questions on each to find out symptoms and treatments for almost anything. You know you’re covered in any situation.

5. Bedtime

Having made it through the majority of the evening it’s time for the most telling moment of any babysitting session – bedtime. We know we can’t stay by the bedside all night, but of course we do have our iPod with us…

6. BabyPing

Combine the app with the physical baby monitor and you can keep an eye on the little ones directly from your device. Set up notifications should certain noise levels be breached, and watch a video feed.

You could also try

Cinderella – Nosy crow animated picture book : this cute and colourful version of the cinderella story is fullt interactive and has several reading modes.

Kids TV – Safe videos for children : A library of filtered videos that are ideal for kids – including cartoons and famous shows with clips sourced from YouTube.

Child Health : A simple and very useful guide to all the health issues that children can encounter including symtoms and treatments.

The land of me – story time : A unique storytelling app that allow users to choose the hero of the story, as well as the theme and whether or not there’s a happy ending.

BabyPing Video Baby Monitor : Combined with the BabyPing monitor this app allows you to check on your child directly from your device.

I am sure you guys will be much more confident from now and you can go ahead as a techie inside kids room. Also see our previous post on 20 Awesome iPad Apps That Will Teach Your Kids to Read.