How Call Center Software Can Benefit Your Business

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Technology has come a long way in the last decade, and call center software is no exception. Since large enterprises and B2B brands have begun implementing and using it to improve and personalize customer service and streamline operations, more and more features have been added to enhance the experience on both ends for your agents and your customers. These enhancements make it easier for you to deliver a seamless experience across multiple channels and devices. Here’s what you can anticipate from Aspect’s Contact Center Suite software.

Omnichannel Agent Customer Contact

Customers expect the ability to contact you in multiple ways. With omnichannel customer support, you can empower your agents with contextual information so they can pick up right where the last agent left off without having to ask customers to repeat themselves. Offering this kind of feature allows you to provide better customer service and experiences. Not to mention, it reduces customer frustration and allows you to resolve issues better, saving time and cutting down on costs.

Self-Service With CX Automation

The Self-Service with CX Automation feature provides simplicity and flexibility in allowing you to manage multichannel live agent-assisted interactions across all of your contact channels. This enables you to provide engagement choices for customers on their preferred channels. With this call center software, you’re also able to differentiate the total customer experience by delivering consistent service across channels like social, email, webchat, mobile, SMS and voice. This feature also allows customers to move effortlessly back and forth between channels while keeping all of their customer activity and data preserved, and all in one place for easy access.

Contact Center Inbound Voice

With Contact Center Inbound Voice, you can connect customers with agents by using any combination of inbound route and queue types to support and differentiate your customer service strategies. You can also provide wait time and queue position notifications, and provide a scheduled callback when wait times increase, as well as queue across groups, teams or the entire agent population to quickly serve customers and utilize agent resources more efficiently. This feature also allows you to conditionally choose to route customers on a contact-by-contact basis according to customer preference, contact center or other internal/external data.

A good call center software can help you tailor the customer experience using interaction and customer data, personal preferences and segmentation data, and gives you the ability to match the most appropriate agent to each contact to provide faster, more efficient resolutions and overall customer experiences.

Contact Center Outbound Voice

One of the best ways to keep customers engaged with your enterprise or B2B brand is by using proactive outreach. Using Outbound Voice, you can keep customers informed and on schedule for appointments, bill payments or other activities and events. The new features include advanced list and campaign optimization tools to enable adherence to regulatory dialing requirements, making it easier to comply with federal rules and regulations. This allows you to provide critical information to the right people at the right time through the most effective channel, which helps improve productivity, recovered debt, sales revenue and service satisfaction. You can also easily manage Do Not Call (DNC) lists, number portability and time zones, as well as create, modify, start or stop campaigns through a single point of administration.

Empower Your Organization

Equipped with the newest contact center suite software features, you’ll have the tools needed to improve your overall operations and become fully compliant with outbound calling regulations. A contact center suite can help you deliver extraordinary service to your customers by allowing them to contact you on the channels they prefer and giving you the ability to access all of their information across multiple channels all from one convenient place. Request a demo today to see how this call center software suite can help you improve productivity and efficiency, leading to happier customers and a boost in revenue.