3 Best Hotel Channel Management Software & Buyers Guide

RMS Cloud

Manages every aspect of motel Entirely cloud based Accessible from internet capable device Automated procedures improves efficiency Extremely easy to use Support always available to assist Improve staff efficiency Housekeeping modules Food & Beverage interfaces PoS software

STAAH Channel Manager

Distribute rooms via online channels Increase number of bookings & revenue Increase online revenue High performance Channel manager & operators of Hotels Connect with Booking.com Agoda Expedia Tripadvisor Makemytrip Goibibo Automatically updates cross bookings 

eZee Absolute

Complete cloud-based hotel PMS system Automates hotel operations Imparts best guest experience Increases revenue Integrated booking engine and channel manager Provide all-in-one hotel solution Perfect fit for types & sizes of accommodations viz. guest houses, B&Bs, service apartments, hostels

Hotel Channel Management Software

Hotel Channel Management Software is an online platform for hoteliers to organize and manage room availability and rates across their distribution channels and also most of the third-party booking websites. It lets them connect with commercial agents, who deal in accessing to real-time room availability for reallocating and reselling the rooms at a fixed rate of commission.

Advantages of Hotel Channel Management Software

Avoid over-bookings with one fully integrated system: Helps in managing multiple booking channels from single dashboard. Integrating of the software with the property management system and booking engine helps in ensuring accuracy in data at all times.

Get real-time updates: Syncing with multiple online travel agencies and offering real-time updates on bookings can be done via these perfect channels of hotel management. Updating the rates, availability, and tracking all reservations as well as payments from the unified dashboard has become easier with the channel management.

Better decisions: Generating reports about reservations like booking and cancellation trends is easier with it. These reports can help make decisions about setting prices, selecting channels, and analyzing booking trends.

Features of Hotel Channel Management Software

Multichannel sync: Viewing and managing all the leads received from different distribution channels on a single and unified dashboard.

Reservations management: Creating and managing bookings as well as keeping a track of the booking statuses.

Inventory management: Tracking and managing the availability of the hotel rooms to avoid overbooking and maximizing the occupancy rates.

Rate management: Setting the prices across multiple channels for optimizing the revenue potential. Regularly tracking prices as per the demand and season.

Reporting/analytics: Generating reports for viewing and analyzing channel performance as well as identifying booking trends.

Price of Hotel Channel Management Software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting prices. A premium product is priced higher and has additional features like payment processing, revenue management, and multi-property administration.

Considerations while Buying Hotel Channel Management Software

Integration with property management system: Try to find out whether the hotel channel management software perfectly integrates with the property management software. An integrated channel management program permits to view availability in real time. It will also permit visitors to get the information about the vacant beds, rooms, or properties.

Synchronization with online travel agents (OTAs): It is good to keep a check the type of synchronization with online travel agents. You must synchronize data using a direct XML feed or scraping. Direct XML gives constant updates and availability to OTAs, that set timed criteria for ensuring rate parity. Scraping is fully automated software which pulls availability and automatically updates the channel once a day.

Additional costs and fees: Asking the vendor whether they charge a percentage of the channel revenue or additional fees for each booking, must be done. The software could charge per channel, per reservation, or even a flat monthly fee.

Centralized content management: It regularly informs the visitors about hotel, and its policies, terms and conditions. It must have facility to ensure that a visitor gets the information about the facilities, nearby attractions, and hours of operation. The software should let the buyer edit this content across all channels with minimal knowledge of computers at once.

Hotel Channel Management Software Trends

Blockchain to replace OTAs: Many hotels are experimenting with blockchain for making them distribution channel, which could potentially eliminate the requirement of OTAs. The technology will be keeping a centralized record of rates and vacancies. This means hotels won’t have to pay huge commissions to third-party distribution channels. Blockchain is still new and its adoption as a distribution channel is in the nascent stages.

AI will assist hoteliers in personalizing customer experience: Artificial intelligence (AI) parses information sources to provide insights on occupancy patterns, which will definitely that you can offer dynamic pricing. Airbnb utilizes AI for host pricing recommendations and provides suggestions as per a user’s previous visits. AI could also improve your marketing campaigns for important events or holidays, so that you can maximize the hotel or facility occupancy.

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