3 Best Home Inspection Software with Buyer’s Guide


Fast Smart Fewer Clicks Faster Delivery Better Reports Mobile Cloud-based Reimagines how home inspection reporting should work Save hours recording information Produces custom reports 


Flexible as a spreadsheet Makes incredibly simple to organize Manage information Smart database Allows users create custom web & mobile apps Without programming Agile to manage resources Visual collaborative way 


Web-based reporting system for home inspection Provides fast inspection reports creation Custom report templates Inspect room-by-room Automatic cloud sync Support Free training included Efficiently create a great looking report

Home Inspection Software

Home Inspection Software is a kind of software designed to assist home inspectors,  calculate residential properties and generate inspection reports. The software hep in supporting a variety of different types of reports, like structural inspection, valuation inspection, and disaster inspection. Home inspection systems has billing and accounting modules.

Home inspection software is web-based software designed to help in creating home and property related inspection reports. It should be allowed for PDF/HTML publishing. It permits any inspector for creating easy reports which can be fast uploaded online. In just one click, user can upload images or videos. There are inspection apps available for student housing, residential property management, and building inspection companies. They have sketch making, inbuilt invoices, images, report summary, videos, and many other features.

Advantages of Home Inspection Software

Enhanced quality of inspection results: The ability to attach and take notes & property images in real time improves the quality of data captured during an inspection and offers to ensure accuracy.

Centralized record-keeping for  better collaboration between the stakeholders: The software offers a central database for storing all records pertaining to the inspection of a property. This permits home inspectors to pull past records easily for reference. Other stakeholders like staff and property owners, can also get the access to the records, which enhance collaboration during, and after an inspection.

Features of Home Inspection Software

Attach and edit photos: Capturing, uploading, and/or editing property photos in the system.

Comment library: Using template comments or creating custom notes to capture details about various aspects of a property.

Customizable reports: Using built-in report formats or customizing them to generate inspection results.

Alerts/notifications: Receiving updates on various stages of inspection, like data capture, initiation, closure, and report availability.

Price of Home Inspection Software

Home inspection software tools typically are priced on a per inspection/report basis or a per month basis. They can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher and include additional features like advanced support, shared property portfolio, video inspections,  electronic signatures, and customizable property database.

Considerations while Buying Home Inspection Software

Mobile app availability: Home inspection is a form of field service that needs inspectors to visit property sites to get needed details. While a browser-based tool can provide necessary real-time capabilities, like attaching property images or taking notes, a native mobile app increases the value. An app significantly increases the usability/ease of use of the software tool by making the tool accessible on mobile platforms in field service conditions.

Home Inspection Software Trends

Drones are making home inspections more efficient and safer. The remote operability of drones also makes inspections safer in hazardous conditions, like the inspections of disaster-hit properties or wet roofs. The super aerial technology is assisting home inspectors to view hard-to-reach spots otherwise, like roofs, to conduct more comprehensive evaluations. 

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