Greenhouse applicant tracking system and recruiting software


Recruiting manpower is one of the major fields for your business that must be handled with the utmost care. It can sometimes not be as easy as it appears. Capable manpower is what makes your organization sustainable long term. What if you can automate the process? Greenhouse Recruiting Software is one of the best options in that enterprise. We will review how the process works in the following article.

Greenhouse Recruiting Software – What It Is?

Greenhouse is an effective recruitment software that should be helpful in streamlining your recruitment decisions effectively. What makes it an effective and efficient companion for your hiring process is the way in which it saves your time and effort.

The employees are an asset to the company and a tool like Greenhouse goes a long way in helping you out managing the applications and getting the best of the talent available to you. In fact, it can be the right way to maximize the effectiveness of your recruiting process.

How Does Greenhouse Work?

To begin with, Greenhouse Recruiting Software lets you plan your hiring process in a time-efficient manner. You will start off by approving the new posts in your organization and distribute the positions across different job boards and social media networks.

The integration of social media networks is integrating quite effectively in this software. It will help you expand your reach. In fact, even your existing employees can share the requirements through their personal profiles. Once the applications begin to come in, Greenhouse arranges the information in a profile database. You can easily analyze this database and schedule interviews with the best candidates.

You can get access to an interview kit that helps you score the candidates based on their performance and keep a check on your interview pipeline at the same time. Once the decision has been made, Greenhouse lets you manage offers and rejections. The comprehensive reporting is the best part of the system that lets you analyze all the aspects of recruitment processes seamlessly. The tool also helps you manage their performance once they have become part of your team.

What are The Benefits of Greenhouse Recruitment Tool?

Greenhouse is the best way you can use to streamline your hiring process, or in fact, make it smarter. It comes with several benefits. Some of those include:

  • It saves you time, energy and of course money. You do not need to rely on the agencies for your recruitment processes.
  • The recruitment process turns out to be quite smoother with Greenhouse. In fact, even if you have multiple positions to fill, you will not feel the heat, thanks to the efficient functioning of the tool.
  • Greenhouse Recruitment tool lets you get access to the Interview master plan. This will ensure that you can streamline and structure your interviews in an efficient way.
  • The robust database creation helps you make educations decisions about the candidates. It offers you a full picture of a candidate’s abilities on one screen. You should be able to rate a candidate on a variety of aspects of personality, skills, ability and other attributes.
  • It also has a dedicated mobile app so that you can track the services on the move.

Help and Support

The customer support provided by Greenhouse is quite excellent. It offers you multiple channels for support. Live Chat offers you instant updates on your queries. The regular email and phone support should be able to handle the more complex queries you may have.

In fact before even checking out the online support options, we would advise you to go through the knowledge base articles, webinars and training videos provided by Greenhouse. When you sign up for the service, you are assigned to an Implementation Manager so that you are given a step by step training on the key concepts.

Pricing Structure

Greenhouse offers you a quote based pricing model. There are no fixed plans available. It offers three different packages – Basic, Standard, and Premium. However, the exact pricing will be dependent upon the number of employees and the feature requirements that your organization has.

The plans are available on an annual subscription basis. The plans indicated above differ on the basis of the features in each of them. If you have limited requirements – you can go for the basic plan which offers almost all important tools integrated.

The Final Thoughts

We are sure that we have been able to bring the best of Greenhouse and its features in this concise review. If you are still in doubt, you can contact their customer care service for more information. Or better still you may check out the knowledge base articles we referred above.

We would definitely consider it to be one of the best tools for recruitment processes and can go a long way in shaping your HR department to become an efficient part of your organization.