Google Web Designer – A Tool to Create HTML5 Sites for Free

google web designer tool

With tons of web designing tools available on internet, Google yesterday launched their new tool called Web Designer to build interactive websites in HTML5/CSS3 and of course Ads.

This tool is still in beta stages, but is available to download on Mac and Windows. So cheer up web designers, Google has brought some good news here.

Basically this tool is designed for creating ads, so that people can make advertisements easily than before. Google says “advertisers didn’t have the tools they needed to easily develop content fit for today’s cross-screen experience” and now people have this great option to experience it.

The default layouts are provided which are made for DoubleClick rich media ads and Admob mobile ads, But you can surely create a full-fledge website in it, or at least a single page site. But Google has a plan to increase the features and tools in this software to may be match up to some big web designing software. It will be exciting to see, what other website maker software companies think, they surely will have a big competition coming ahead.

web designer tool from google

Web Designer is a complete Visual and Code display tool, where you can properly see the code view of JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 and preview all in your local browser immediately. If you are a web designer, then you will be under a treat as you will see pen tool, similar to Photoshop and timeline for managing animations. Also you can easily embed other pre-built components like gallery, maps, YouTube videos etc.

With features like Quick mode and Advanced mode you will have more control of what you build, element by element. So, now with all this cool features let’s see what you guys are going to do. Here a video from Google, about web designer software.

Google Web Designer Demo Video

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