20 Awesome Free Apps For Android Tablet that Kids will Love

Children are easily fascinated, but it takes a lot to hold their attention. Here are 20 of the best apps for android tablets for kids, that will help them study, let them have fun, teach them sharing, and let them interact with their parents. The best part? Theyíre all free.

iStory Books

This is a simple and sweet application for toddlers to learn to read. Featuring voice-overs, fun pictures, and alternative languages, iStory Books will keep your child occupied for hours. You can add their favourite titles to the library and help them learn a new language with this app.

Ant Smasher

A great game for building reflexes and speed, ant smasher lets your child smash virtual ants with their fingers as they crawl down a wall, even as they avoid bees and try not to lose lives. This game can be addictive for grownups as well.

0-10 Numbers Baby Flashcards

This awesome app provides a fun way for very young children to learn their 1-2-3s and learn to count objects. Bright, colorful, and entertaining, they ensure that children have a very healthy interaction to math.

Talking Gina the Giraffe

Gina is a giraffe, and she is happy when you feed her, water her, stroke her, and play with her. A marvellous lesson for children in following instructions and caring for another, Talking Gina is bound to become a favourite for kids of all ages.

Classic Simon

A fantastic memory game to challenge young minds, Classic Simon is a game you can play with or against your child. The rules are simple- just repeat the colors and the sounds in correct order from memory, and you can be sure of hours of endless fun with this game.

Steamy Window

Children love to draw on steamed up windows, so this app lets them do just that by steaming up the tablet screen for you and your kids to draw together in. The most fun part is that if you blow into the microphone, you create more steam, covering up the parts you already drew in.


Targeted at slightly older kids, Homework is an incredibly helpful tool that helps them schedule home assignments, be prepared for lessons, plan for examinations, and generally organise their studying.


A brilliant way to introduce your kids to the world of animals, Aniworld lets children feed and pet animals as they learn their names and watch them grow from birth to adulthood.

Tom and Jerry Tube

This is an easily accessible library of all the Tom and Jerry Cartoons from 1941 till 2005. You select the cartoon and the app takes you to its Youtube location. Suitable for all ages of Tom and Jerry lovers.

Kidsí Doodle

This app lets kids doodle on the tablet using several brushes such as neon, rainbow, crayon, and emboss, and then allows you to play the doodle back to them like a movie. What could be a more fun way to bring out the artist in your child.

Allo and Dinosaur Friends

Children are fascinated by the world of dinosaurs, so this app will have them addicted. They can watch different types of dinosaurs move around in 3D angles, hear their noises, and explore their habitats.


A hilarious game with aliens and spaceships, this app lets your children follow an UFO to rescue their abducted friends, while struggling to stay alive. A thrilling activity that improves reflexes, Abduction will keep your kids occupied for hours.

Kids Piano Lite

If your kids are musically talented, they will love this app, which has a lovely 8-tone piano for them to explore their first notes and understand the differences between notes. Children will not want to stop once they get their hands on this piano app.

Balloon Boom

Did you know that bursting balloons can be an awesome stress buster? The next time your child is upset or is about to throw a tantrum, challenge them to the Balloon Boom game and let them burst as many balloons as they can† in one minute.

Happy Trains!

Another fun app that develops digital movement, your child can use this app to create tracks† upon the screen by dragging their fingers. Once the tracks are ready, the trains appear, making real train noises!

Tic Tac Toe

There is nothing like Tic Tac Toe to while away rainy afternoon, which makes this app very addictive for your children and even you. Your child can play this with you, or if you are busy, even with the android device at various levels of difficulty.

Flying Penguin

Kids will love helping the terrified penguin to learn to fly while fleeing the scary polar bears. A fascinating chase, this app will keep your family in splits for hours.


Let your little ones exercise their brains with this challenging yet fun puzzle app, in which you have to connect stars to make constellations, but you canít go back if you make a mistake!

Slice It!

Introduce your children to geometry with this fun and approachable puzzle, in which you need to slice figures into halves with your finger. It starts out easy but keeps getting more and more tricky.

Talking Dinosaur

The Talking Dinosaur repeats everything you say in a funny, croaky voice thatís guaranteed to keep children rolling around in laughter. Also, the dinosaur, who looks adorable, has some funny sentences of his own that will endear him to your kids.