Best Food Service Management Software Buyers’ Guide


Online ordering websites and apps for single and multi-store chains and franchises


Cloud-based workforce management solution Schedule staff shifts Track process & Payroll


Fully equipped software to empower food businesses with power of technology


Cloud based Food Service & Restaurant inventory management App tools to manage inventory suppliers orders 

Restaurant Systems Pro

Franchise level system New franchises & independent restaurant owners Delegation with accountability


Streamline back-of-house restaurant operations Cloud-based apps Tools for reporting inventory scheduling 



MarketMan is one of the best back-of-house solutions that accommodate restaurateurs complete command over inventory, supply administration, and procurement, ultimately enabling restaurateurs to manage the fleet. MarketMan helps restaurants keep costs under restraint and maintain list efficiently by automating the following of house procedures. MarketMan Features:-

  • Inventory Administration
  • Purchase Systemization
  • Procedure Costing
  • Recording
  • AP Automation
  • Invoice Scanning
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • POS Combination
  • Vendor Relationships

MarketMan Target Market : Food & Beverage businesses ranging from autonomous operators to multi-unit establishment groups and franchises. Mid-Market transactions with at least five establishment positions seeking to streamline inventory, groceries chain, and finance transactions obtain the most from MarketMan.
MarketMan Pricing: The cost of MarketMan commences at $149/month/location. The pricing guide is a subscription billed per month, depending on how many establishment locations you have. There is a free test readily given to the customers. There is no free version available.

  • The accuracy of the data is a massive time-saver for the restaurant group to better understand how profitable the services have been running on a day-to-day basis.
  • Software is always so responsive and also push for new features based on feedback.
  • The software helps business with orderings, tracking previous orders, and keeping a record of spending.
  • On top of that, possessing all suppliers in unity under one roof is convenient.


  • No way to control internal alteration: transferring (in a simple way) a glass of wine from the bar to the pantry is impossible.
  • When integrating with some system, it’s troublesome to follow older records since the date is not uniform.
  • The team could strive to resolve problems over the phone rather than getting messages only.
  • Although MarketMan is an excellent help to a business, it has also been disappointing in its failures.


FlipDish provides an industry-leading, user-friendly online ordering system for individual restaurants, multi-store chains, takeaways, delis, cafes, convenience stores and franchises.

There are many advantages to this software that all combine up. A considerable improvement is having customers build their orders, excluding human error of missing items over the phone or incorrect special requests. The charges come in shooting in an easy to read format, lessening the time of taking an order over the telephone from moments to seconds.

Consequently, we can also apply codes for commissions and promotions, deliver them accurately to the customer’s phone and even give exclusive vouchers for free refreshments. This app instantly enables you to advertise to the clients without leaving the business to deliver pamphlets, and without bother, will Facebook show all page followers. The advantage of allowing card cash is also one to note as it decreases cash in-store, which intern can speed up customer service as the payment method in-store is removed and the customer steps in and walks out.


  • What is loved the most about this software is that it draws a line between two functionalities. As an app for users, it is a candid user interface that can be invaluable, attracting new customers who may be wary of this kind of technology.
  • Everything about its order process instils confidence that the order has been granted and the method went evenly.
  • The second functionality is the information dashboard for owners.
  • To put it simply, it eliminates all guesswork behind the typical question of what drives our sales. It’s represented as easy to read graphs and downloadable forms for those who wish to run excel sheets.
  • You’ll soon get truly most profitable articles, events, distribution locations, even time of the day. It is a stand-alone APP linked to website online ordering.
  • Customer-friendly and operationally friendly. Once it is filled in and broadband running, it runs evenly.
  • It is allowed for creating changes by emailing or requesting customer care. Up to date technology for client and user comfort.


  • Unable to make adjustments through the portal path.
  • Incompetent to upload pictures from the back office.
  • Synthesis is all at a value.
  • Commission prices should be more competing.


PeachWorks, previously known as WhenToManage, is a guide in solutions for maintaining back-of-house restaurant services. The next-generation restaurant running system with many apps (applications) and accessories simplify everything from recording, inventory management, employee scheduling, and POS Intelligence to procedure management. Cloud-based everywhere, every device introduction makes daily tasks more comfortable, simpler and faster for everyone from little independents to sizeable corporate franchise restaurant groups.

Great concept for restaurant operators. The capacity to have full authority over the metrics in real-time, at any location, is the ideal future of managing the business. Being able to customize and organize key performance pointers’ dashboard is available and critical to assuming the knowledge you need to drive operations. Add on programs and characteristics that you can customize to satisfy needs and budget is incredible. Being able to right-size the data you require instead of obtaining great antiquated systems/licenses is a breath of fresh air. Customer assistance is profitable.

  • Flexibility, Modular purchasing of programs, support.
  • Another great POS and time management program.
  • The apps worked precisely, as shown in the demo.
  • It needs a more robust feature set to be useful for our restaurant.
  • It helps me better control various assignments in my business, making it grow every day more.
  • The onboarding, payroll and scheduling options this software provided.
  • We have been examining for just the right schedule to fit all requirements, and this one seems to fit the bill.
  • All of the POS and employee management needs are met with PeachWorks.


  • Still in developing for multiple programs and information with many POS.
  • Hard to set up.
  • Payment processing through has a lot of fees than expected.
  • This has been a very negative experience for us & has caused us to search for other viable options for ourselves & the franchise.

Food Service Management Software 

Food Service Management Software is specifically designed for restaurants, bars, food trucks and others in the foodservice industry. Unlike a POS system, RMS encompasses all back-end needs,

Advantages of Food Service Management Software 

  • Track sales and orders
  • View accurate, real-time economic statements
  • Manage personnel scheduling
  • Access data within the cloud
  • Utilize a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool to produce mailing lists or start an awards program

Types of Food Service Management Software 

  • End-to-end is the most robust and comprehensive, including core POS, inventory control, CRM, staff, cuisine, order and refund management, technical support, and reporting and analytics.
  • POS is the core of the system and allows you to integrate it with third-party systems for inventory, accounting, marketing and other vital functions.
  • iPad or Android are designed to run only on one device type to support the uprightness of the system.
  • General POS is designed for businesses that have both retail and food services available.

Consideration while Buying Food Service Management Software 

Type: Determine what variety of system you need. If you’re going to be working your business on Android devices, do not prepare an iPad system. If you require a one-stop-shop, an end-to-end method will likely be the standard, cost-effective choice.

Scaling: If you have plans to expand or franchise your restaurant, buy a system that can grow with it. Guarantee your system can examine an increase in the number of terminals and handheld devices, implement exceptional large-scale analytics, offer multibranch add-ons, and maintain a large representation of employees (and their programs).

Integration: No system is comprehensive, so you will most likely have to combine your RMS with other software apps to accomplish everything you need. You should ensure your RMS effortlessly combines with other systems, such as OpenTable or Yelp for reservations, so you don’t consume time repetitively recording data into separate applications.

Ease of use: Running a restaurant is challenging as it is. You don’t want to consume time troubleshooting your RMS in the middle of a banquet rush. Spend a good deal of time experimenting with the RMS out, ensuring that it is spontaneous and difficulties are easy to fix.

Price of Food Service Management Software

It will depend on how complex it is, as well as how many locations you’ll be managing with it. An essential software that works your sales and accounting requirements costs around $150 per year, i.e., both perpetual and subscription pricing options typically balanced out. Discuss vendors’ pricing structures with them, holding your bar or restaurant’s resources and needs in mind.

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