FonePaw Android Data Recovery: A Must-have Android Data Recovery & Backup Software!


Android is the most widely used mobile OS in the world. With people storing all kinds of files on their Android devices, it is also the platform that experiences most incidences of data loss. With so much flexibility and openness, this platform is always open to threat.

This is why the FonePaw Android Data Recovery software is a simple solution that should be in every Android device.

What can it do?

This data recovery software can be used for recovering images, videos, audio files, documents, and even your contacts, text message and WhatsApp messages/images lost or deleted. It can scan both the phone’s storage and the microSD card.

We tested FonePaw Android Data Recovery software and found it easy and intuitive to use. Anyone with basic skills and with a Windows or Mac system can use it to connect their Android phone or tablet and recover the lost data.

Advantages of Using FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Recover Data from Any Brand of Android Phone/Tablet

We used the software to recover data from multiple manufacturer brands of Android phones and tablets. It worked with all of them. This included Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Asus, and other brands. It didn’t show any incompatibility with any of the devices.

We tested even the earlier devices running Jelly Bean and earlier versions and the software worked flawlessly without any issues. We later found out that it supported Android platforms from v2.1 up to the latest ones. That’s a much deeper backward support, going back to even the forgotten Android devices! Thus anyone with even an old Android device can use it without any issues.

Simple Interface

Using FonePaw Android Data Recovery is as easy as connecting the Android phone to the Windows/Mac system, selecting the types of files to be recovered and running the scan. The interface prompts us to select the choices and it will recover the chosen files.


The navigation is easy and quick.

Recovery from Any Storage Medium

While audio/video files and documents are stored on either the phone’s internal storage or microSD card, the SIM card is also a place for storing contacts and text messages.


FonePaw Android Data Recovery software was able to restore even the contacts and messages lost from the SIM card. It allowed us to choose the type of data to be recovered. When we chose the “contacts” and “messages”, it surprised us by recovering the messages that were deleted some time ago.

This is a powerful feature that no longer keeps you feeling vulnerable about your phone. Even the WhatsApp messages and images which are notorious for being lost were recovered without any hassles.

The contacts can be recovered in the form of VCF, CSV or HTML files.

Images: It will display images from any source in the ‘gallery’ section during recovery. Whether the photos have been captured by the phone’s camera, copied from PC, or screenshots, this software can recover all types of images. It exports images in two formats – JPG and PNG.

It is a Backup Software Too

As already mentioned, Android offers a level of flexibility that allows your phone to be used in so many ways and for storing and moving so many types of data. This can always leave the phone/tablet vulnerable to attacks and your crucial data is always at risk.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is not just a data recovery solution. It is also backup software that allowed us to take backups of all our data. It took just a click of a button to have our data backed-up onto our computer. It also provided a preview of the files that were backed up.

So the next time our data gets lost, it will become ever easier to recover the lost or deleted data.

Every Android phone or tablet should have a backup program. It will be ideal to use FonePaw Android Data Recovery because it can do multiple functions without the need for installing different programs. It can both recover the lost/deleted data from your Android device and keep backup.



It is recommended to choose FonePaw Android Data Recovery software with “King User” privilege. This will allow it deeper access to files and documents on your phone. Once you have selected the file-types to be recovered, the program will ask you for the level of user-privilege you want to provide it.


FonePaw Android Data Recovery is an easy to use and quick recovery tool designed for virtually every Android phone or tablet in use today. It is much more than a data recovery tool, as it also doubles as a backup software. It can be used with both Windows and Mac and can recover all kinds of data from the phone’s internal memory, from microSD card or from the phone’s SIM card. It is a simple program that should be used by every Android user who values their data.