Folx 5 review: how I found my ultimate download helper

Folx 5 review: how I found my ultimate download helper

Downloading a tiny file is clicking the link in the browser and waiting for a moment or so, there is no need for any special software for that. However when it comes to downloading larger files to your computer, the process is not that simple.

When trying to get hold of some really large files there is no other way to do it than with a proper download manager software. Also quality download managers provide a great level of comfort for any number of downloads you may have.

Here I have Folx app that is a versatile and light enough while offering awesome options a heavy professional software would die for. Folx is developed by Eltima Software that’s been around for years and has a wide range of products for Windows, Mac and Linux OS types.

The latest version of the product offers sleek looks and the most required features. The versatility of Folx is in being a two-in-one app – it can be your regular download manager or your torrent client, all in the same interface. The interface is worth noting too. With all adjustments it offers for each level of usage, it still stays comprehensive and easy to navigate.

One of the ways Folx achieves faster downloading is splitting the downloads in threads. Licensed version can split each download in up to 20 threads to be able to fetch content at a faster rate. Speed will of course also depend on your bandwidth, don’t forget about that one.


As a good download manager should be able to, Folx allows resuming interrupted downloads, because when the files are really large downloading takes time, and who knows what can happen during that time, the Internet connection may be down, or computer may run out of battery, or else. There is an option to tag your downloads, multiple tags can be assigned to each download for easier location and identification in future. And as the term “download manager” suggests, the downloads are highly manageable: you can control bandwidth allocation, prioritize tasks, etc.

Well, free version of Folx offers basic set of tools, while with PRO version you’ll get a downloading master degree. You can schedule your downloads in Folx PRO, you can set the manager actions after scheduled downloads are all finished, so you don’t even have to be at the computer to make it shut down on downloading completion. Smart speed is also offered in PRO app. It will adjust the downloading and uploading speed based on the activity of other apps on computer. Say if you started your downloads and Folx is doing its best downloading them at the highest speed possible and then you open your browser and start fetching your emails or other important content, Folx will slow down appropriately so you can work at a comfortable speed.

Other cool stuff you’ll find in Folx PRO are splitting downloads in up to 20 threads as opposed to 2 in free app (which can still make your downloading faster than a regular one thread), torrent search directly from the app through a variety of trackers at once, password manager for your most used websites so that you can start your downloads faster without all password hassle, YouTube support, and integration with iTunes.

So you are always welcome to use free Folx, which is a great basic downloader. For more advanced stuff, get PRO version that costs $19.95, which feels pretty fair for a quality download manager. The lifetime license includes important updates, such as bug fixes, and an additional $9.95 can unlock a lifetime upgrades guarantee for free access to all future updates.

Eltima Software seems to take good care of their clientele: FAQs, forums, How Tos and email and phone support (not 24/7 though, but rather local business hours) as well. Their website informs they will respond to your message within 1-2 business days, which can be a real pain when you really need quick help, but you may never even need any help, as the software seems really sturdy. There is an urgent support option if you may need that though. It costs $15 per year and provides fast responses no matter what. However with a low-cost software as Folx, it may be unreasonable to pay for an urgent plan.

As a conclusion, I think Folx is a great tool when you have a steady flow of downloads going on with larger files and maybe torrent content. Set up once up to your requirements Folx makes the downloading enjoyable and reliable. It was not an easy task to find any real downsides to this one, but one could consider having only 2 threads in free version an issue, or not being able to search for torrents from the free app. However after using the app for a couple of months I cannot report any real bugs and am happy with the speed of downloading.

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