5 Must-have Features of Any Photo Editing Software in 2019

Photo Editing

We are living in the age of quick technological advancement. This means a constant improvement at lightning speed of software, gadgets, features, trying to meet the demands of various users and outdo the competition.

What are some of the crucial features that any modern photo editing software should have?

1. Speed

Our attention span is slowly getting shorter. In the beginning of the century we could patiently wait for a few minutes for a loading website page, now even a 10 seconds overtime can drive s crazy. The same applies to any photo editing software: we need it to perform, and fast. And not only that, often there is no pleasure in performing a dozen steps to get a result that can be achieved with a single slider. Thatís why Luminarís swift editing and a-single-slider approach instead of a myriad of slowing-down tools is so convenient. For example, adding a grunge background can be achieved in four quick steps.

2. Simplicity

Whenever we think of any kind of editing, be it photo, video or text, we know it canít be easy. It requires attention, precision, meticulousness. We used to think that to succeed in editing, you need to read manuals and educate yourself, spend countless hours practicing. But in 2019, nobody has time for that. We want everything to be easy and understandable. No cluttering features that only provide headaches, or complicated guides that make us give up on the project altogether. User-friendly, sleek interfaces are the new norm, with usability being what drives the innovations in products.

3. Variety of features

The kid inside of us never goes away. We like to play and have a variety of choices, to be amazed by new things. Adding a fun element to the process can make it memorable and enjoyable. That is why modern photo editing software should always focus on providing some more of that fun. One way to do it is add various features. The world is full of possibilities and our photos can reflect that in a million ways: editing them by choosing the perfect look is always fun. Luminar boasts with many features, such as filters, LUTs, presets, textures.


In Luminar, there are tons ofphoto filters at your disposal. You can apply any effect imaginable, for any kind of photo. Make them faded, bright, light, vintage, matte, any color you want and any effect you want. Add a vignette or some sunrays. You can even let the computer do the work by retouching with the Accent AI slider.


Textures add a whole new feel to your image. A simple photo of a child can express a variety of different emotions if the textures are different. An old paper texture adds a layer of nostalgia, making us assume that the child represents our long-gone childhood. A metallic texture, on the other hand, reminds us of the future, and in such case a child will represent humanityís development and technological progress.


There is no need to adjust all kinds of settings, because there are presets ready with your favorite filters at hand. Do you want to know how famous photographers edit? You can download signature presets in Luminarís marketplace, and see which settings are chosen for a quick and easy start.

4. Technical compatibility

No one wants a software that can work with only a particular type of file. The photographerís favorite editing workflow should be compatible with the editor and not require any special efforts to be implemented. Your images should be easy to import no matter what format they are. A photo editing tool is there to serve your editing needs, and not make you confused with system requirements, support of photo formats and so on. If you are interested in photo editing technicalities, please read on here.

5. Organization

Losing your socks is mildly troublesome, but disappearing photos of clients are a disaster. A modern photo editor should have a system that lets you store and organize your photos like you want it. A quick access to your photos and ability to see them all in one place is essential to ease your workflow. That said, itís good that the digital asset management feature is coming to Luminar in December, isnít it? Soon Luminar will let you store your photos, nice and catalogued, easily accessible and looking great.

Image Credits: Photo Editing from Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock