3 Best Employee Recognition Software with Buyers Guide


Provide most powerful flexible software Recognition programs Trusted global network Show employees appreciation Allow them to choose rewards Millions of products from Amazon thousands of available hotels by Priceline & Gift cards, Event tickets 


Easier for people to manage people Easy cloud solution Enables employees to recognise and rate each other Free up management and HR teams from admin Measures Appreciation Goals Culture and Happiness by allowing employees to give continuous feedback

eXo Platform

Digital workplace solution helps create tailored employee recognition programs Based on internal tokens attributed exchanged pooled to fund projects and traded for perks Capture & recognize desired engagement behaviours with gamification capabilities Enable free direct peer-to-peer recognition 

Employee Recognition Software

Employee Recognition Software offers companies in their digitization and gamification of their employee recognition efforts to help encourage more recognition in the workplace. To make it easily and visibly praise someone for their achievements and tying real rewards such as gift cards to the praise workers receive, employee recognition software promotes behaviors that will build company culture and help in improving engagement and enhancing morale.

Advantages of Employee Recognition Software

More recognition: By making it easier to recognize coworkers and rewarding employees for the achievements, employee recognition software encourages more recognition which in turn boosts worker happiness and build up morale.

Lessening the burden on management: Managers don’t consists capacity or vantage point to recognize all of the good work that’s happening. Employee recognition software transfers responsibility to the people on the front lines of the organisation, while it also automates rewards and recognition processes for saving time.

Additional employee performance insights: Companies have to incorporate recognition data into the employee performance management process to get a more accurate, holistic sense of who the top performers are.

Features of Employee Recognition Software

Peer-to-peer recognition: Writing and sending detailed messages to coworkers to acknowledge the accomplishments.

Manager-to-peer recognition: Acknowledging a direct report’s contributions by a written recognition and a formal feedback.

Social recognition: Broadcasting recognition of an individual to goal specific teams or whole organization via a social network-esque feed for others to see and add own praise.

Recognition tracking: Tracking the amount and types of recognition which individuals, teams, or whole company for sending or receiving over time.

Performance management: Integrating recognition data into performance management processes and systems for informing employee performance reviews.

Gamification: Rewarding the received recognition with points and badges which can be accurately tracked on a company-wide leader board.

Rewards catalog: Redeeming recognition points against real-life rewards which employees can select from a customized catalog.

Price of Employee Recognition Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per employee, per month basis. Pricing can be divided into three pricing tiers based on starting prices. A premium product is priced higher for additional features, like 360-degree feedback and pulse surveys.

Points to Ponder while Buying Employee Recognition Software

Evaluate the current HR software: As beneficial as employee recognition software systems can be, they should not be bought  and implemented before you have HR software to support basic needs such as payroll, recruiting, and personnel tracking.

Determine if you require a standalone tool or a full software suite: Employee recognition functionality can be bought as a standalone tool or as a feature set in a more comprehensive performance management or talent management suite. If the user do not have technology to support the performance-review procedure, for example, user may require to invest in that larger suite.

Read reviews: If user goes for a employee recognition software directory, he can read reviews from businesses to learn which systems may be a better fit for their needs.

Employee Recognition Software Trends

The decline of “best” employee awards: Employee-of-the-month plaques are becoming a thing of the past as there are concerns about how those awards alienate those who do not win them, and the biased ways in which they’re rewarded. In their place, employee recognition platforms are promoting a shared responsibility of recognition so workers who wouldn’t normally be considered for a prestigious company award are given a higher chance at acknowledgement.

Experiences over buys: Younger workers are eschewing general recognition rewards like gift cards and free lunch for experiences like developmental workshops or a fun activity. Employee recognition software sellers are responding to expand their rewards options to accommodate the following experiences.