What Is ejunkie All About: A Complete Guide!


ejunkie is a creative type of supplier of simple shopping carts selling digital as well as tangible goods from the authors, developers, consultants, craftsmen, musicians, and photographers are among their target market.

Instead of providing a full e-commerce content management system, ejunkie focuses strictly on the checkout process and offers integration with payment processing companies. Transaction fees do not apply.

Do you have a digital product that you want to sell online, including apps, eBooks, video courses? If so, read on as this comprehensive guide will get you started in 30 or fewer minutes to come.

One lucrative way to make money online is to sell your digital product. A blogger can easily create a niche-related eBook and sell it to their readers. The promotion will be simpler because you already have a blog. Also, you can market it to multiple locations to maximize your revenue with a single such product.

Update: If you are considering selling eBooks on E-junkie or digital downloads. Check out Gumroad or Payhip, too.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use E-junkie to sell your eBook. You can sell other products which you can download digitally.

Together E-junkie and their collaborators give creatives whose products are digital downloads or physical creations a full checkout solution.

E-junkie provides, on a smaller scale, shopping carts designed for anyone selling digital and tangible products. It supports artists, developers, graphic designers, artisans, and bloggers who want their website or blog to have a shopping cart without the need to invest in a full e-commerce platform.

E-junkie began as a basic script designed in 2003 to automate the sale of a simple program. But as more and more people started using the script, E-junkie became a small site, and then a distributed application running on the server cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What Is ejunkie?

E-junkie free lets you add the shopping cart for selling downloadable goods to your blog, eBay, or other websites. For anyone to get started, this is one of the simplest solutions. Once you have set up stuff on E-junkie, all you need to do is: place the buy button now or send direct links to the possible buyer, and this automated system will take care of everything else. The image below explains how easy E-junkie is to use:

Benefits Of Using E-Junkie For Sellers: 

Following are some of the benefits of E-junkie for sellers:

  • Buyers are provided with a unique download link that expires after a particular time. Your digital good is this way protected from unauthorized downloads.
  • Your product is submitted to an E-junkie site, so there’s no need to think about bandwidth & storage.
  • They give free trial for seven days so that you don’t have to pay anything to get started. You can stop using it without paying if you don’t like the system.
  • You get paid immediately.

Benefits Of ejunkie

E-junkie is popular among small business operators and individual entrepreneurs in search of an accessible yet inexpensive shopping cart. Here are some of the benefits that E-junkie offers: 

  • Sell virtual as well as tangible goods like eBooks, software, MP3s, artworks, tickets, etc. 
  • Sell your products and digital downloads quickly on your website, blog, eBay, Craigslist, social media platforms such as Google+ and Facebook.
  • No rate cap, no limit on bandwidth, no setup fees, and no transaction fees.
  • Payments are accepted through payment channels.

E-junkie is packed with all the tools you may like to help you sell your items, whether it’s digital or tangible. You’re able to sell tangible items such as eBooks, artworks, apps, tickets, MP3s, and others via the program. And it also helps you to sell and download digital items such as your blog, website, Craigslist, eBay, and social media sites such as Facebook and Google+. Payments may also be accepted through payment gateways.

Why Do You Need ejunkie?

Anyone who wants to sell something online can use E-junkie in a matter of minutes to get their product up for sale.

  • E-junkie buttons are ready-made, HTML code copy-pasted it doesn’t get any easier!
  • E-junkie buttons can be put anywhere you can paste HTML or make a link; the standard shopping cart of E-junkie appears as a “within” overlay of your website (not in a popup window), providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers inside your established branding.
  • E-junkie has created sales tax, discount coupons, partner programs, inventory management service, and can promote the product on Google Shopping as well.
  • If you sell tangible products, you’ll benefit from our quick and configurable shipping and packing calculator.
  • Buyers get the instant gratification they anticipate when purchasing a digital item because they can get their update instantly because soon as their payment is complete; you don’t have to worry about verifying your account and submitting items manually; your product is secure because every buyer gets a unique update connection that expires after the number of hours you decide or download attempts.

How Does ejunkie Work?

Once you have registered to start your 30-Day FREE TRIAL with E-junkie, you can start adding items to your E-junkie Seller Admin. We provide ready-made HTML code for your E-junkie CART BUTTONS and BUY NOW buttons for each product (you can use one or both button styles, depending on your needs). Simply copy this button code and thereafter, paste it in your website. For more specific instructions, you can go through the  Getting Started page.

A buyer clicks on the purchase button of your ejunkie and reaches the checkout page, where they pay you directly through the payment processor you chose. The payment processor will notify our server when the payment is completed, and our server will verify the payment confirmation and the pricing fraud screens.

After payment has been completed, we will give the buyer access to a thank-you page where we will automatically present their specific download link(s), and we will also send them a thank-you email with a link to the thank-you/download page if they did not continue after checkout.

What Makes E-Junkie Different?

Unlike e-commerce solutions that have been “approved,” E-junkie does not allow you to install and configure any program on your server or to obtain an SSL security certificate for your domain. We save you all the technological hassle by running the back-end program for you, and our checkouts are done safely using either a secure checkout site (e.g., PayPal) owned by a reputable payment processor or a secure checkout page we create for your payment gateway (e.g., Authorize. Net).

Unlike several other “hosted” ecommerce solutions, E-junkie does not allow you to send customers to a shopping page that you can hold on our platform (although you may still do that if you so wish), nor do we enforce any templates on your product listings. Instead, we simply provide you with purchase buttons to place on your website wherever you want pictures, text, and layout of your product; better yet, our standard shopping cart appears as an “inside” overlay of your site, presenting a smooth shopping experience for your purchasers within your existing site branding.

Finally, unlike the native shopping cart solutions offered by various payment processors that lock you into using their payment service, the E-junkie cart allows you to accept checkout payments by several different payment processors. It will enable each customer to select the payment method they choose from among those you receive.

What All Can You Sell Using ejunkie?

As long as what you sell is legal, you have the right to sell it, and your payment processors allow it to be sold with E-junkie.

  • With E-junkie, you can sell anything (digital or tangible), wherever.
  • You can sell software,  t-shirts, posters, ebooks, mp3s, phone cards, books, CDs, DVDs, toys, knitting patterns, videos, stock pictures, fonts, graphics, themes, artwork, scooters, articles, discount coupons,  event tickets and whatever else you can imagine!
  • You can even use it to accept donations or other payments of variable amounts for pending invoices and auctions.

Knowing that businesses have different business desires, it is only fair that they stop choosing an all-in-one, perfect app. Just the same, even among software products sought-after, it would be hard to come across such an application. The right thing to do is to narrow down the various chief aspects that require consideration, such as critical characteristics, costing, staff skills, organizational size, etc. After that, you have to do your research systematically. Look at these articles from the E-junkie review and more closely analyze each of the applications on your shortlist.

Organizations have specific needs and specifications, and, in such a situation, no software framework can be flawless. Trying to find a perfect off-the-shelf mobile device that fulfils all your company wants is futile. The wise thing to do is to modify the solution for your unique wishes, skill levels of staff members, finances, and other aspects. Do not rush and invest in well-publicized leading structures for these reasons. While these can be commonly used, they may not be the perfect match for your unique needs. Do your homework, study in-depth each of the shortlisted platforms, read a few reviews of E-junkie Shopping Cart Apps, speak to the creator for clarity.

Background Of ejunkie

Together, E-junkie and its partners offer a complete checkout solution for creatives whose products are E-junkie digital downloads, which is short for “electronic junkie” which is run by a team based in Tucson, Arizona, as well as New Delhi, India.

Initially, the company was a one-person series. In an interview, the E-junkie founder Robin Kohli said that he wanted to sell a $4 software which was developed by one of his friends so that he could get some extra cash. Thus, E-junkie came into picture from a hobby of one guy to a full-time company with  a small team of developers who are in love with e-commerce.

Features Of ejunkie

As a basic shopping cart that you can integrate with your current website, eBay, or Facebook store, E-junkie dashboard aims to provide checkout functionality and integration with various payment processors. After you have created an E-junkie account, you can start adding products. You can enable sales tax and VAT to be collected, and allow users to set the amount they want to buy. Things you add can be scheduled to expire after a certain period so that you can bundle together multiple items.

E-junkie will give you a code that can be copied and pasted on your website or Facebook store. Alternatively, if you don’t have your website, you can list your product at E-junkie’s store. The cart will appear on your site as an overlay, and it’s sensitive, so it looks beautiful regardless of the screen size.

  • When someone purchases your digital item, the download link will be sent immediately, and you can also create custom pages thanks to you and emails for a more personalized touch.
  • Other features include creating discount codes, selling prices, taking donations, or giving away the goods for free, creating redeemable codes, and selling products where the buyer agrees on the final price.
  • You may generate a stamp for your digital files that includes details such as the name of the customer, the email address, and the specific transaction ID. It serves as a defense against copyright and discourages users from sharing their digital files.
  • Finally, the platform lets you generate codes and licenses that can be used in software testing. If a customer fails to obtain a valid license by the end of their trial period, E-junkie will lock up their access to the file until a license key is issued.

Selling physical items can be achieved with E-junkie as well. It offers basic features of inventory management, enabling you to monitor product stock and deliver custom shipping charges based on size and value. The shopping cart can be personalized to provide product choices such as size or color, and a handy calculator is available to allow shoppers to calculate shipping costs, sales tax, or VAT.

Calling All Authors And Creatives

If you’re among the increasing number of self-published (or creative) authors, selling your ebooks and other digital items directly to your E-junkie customers can be a great way to your bottom line.

As you probably already know, you can sell your work on well-established and well-known platforms iTunes, Amazon, Google Play. The downside to using these platforms is an expense, as the amount of revenue you need to share with the client can be many.

The model of E-junkie isn’t that different from those of the big players, but E-junkie takes a smaller share of your revenue. Over time, that means you’re keeping much more than you earn.

Where Can You Use an E-Junkie Shopping Cart?

Within minutes, you can integrate the shopping cart to start selling on Patreon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, in business e-newsletters, on a website or blog or any other digital space that you might think of.

Using the POS (point-of-sale) screen to use it even for offline transactions. For example, you might use it to sell both or outdoor trade fairs at an event conference.

It’s easy to integrate your shopping cart with your website, blog, or another platform for communication. All you need to do is copy your Cart or Buy Now button codes from the E-junkie Seller Admin page and paste them to the sales page. No further installation or programming is required.

Within your site, the shopping cart integrates and works; no pop-up windows are involved. The cart appears on the related product page as an overlay, which makes the checkout process user-friendly. A customer is not brought to another page of the website.

Product Bundling Options

E-junkie allows you to deliver bundled packages so you can do things like selling individual audio files or bundling a bundle together (you can also group your cart to discount sets automatically).

You can also give away items: the customer is still going through the checkout process so that you can end up with their contact details. It is perfect for selling after marketing.

The shopping cart is responsive and so looks good on all sizes of devices.

Code Protected Items And Freebies

Besides using E-junkie to manage your digital download sales, you can also use the service to send free copies of your work, accept donations, sell variable-priced products where the user determines how much (or how little) they will pay for your goods, as well as code-protected versions of your products. For example, if you are selling redeemable gift cards for a book, at the point of purchase, E-junkie accepts the custom code.

Delivering Of The Products

If you are selling downloads, the shopping cart from E-junkie can redirect your users to the correct download page after they have paid successfully while also providing a custom connection to access their purchases via email.

Alternatively, after payment, you can redirect users back to your site, offering the download connection via email only.

Worried that absent-minded customers would lose downloads of their products? Don’t be that. For buyers who fail the product, you can easily reactivate download links and request access to it again.

Security And Control Of Downloads

Regardless of which choice you select, all links given by E-junkie are free, meaning they expire after a certain period, or after a certain number of occasions have been used (whatever comes first). Generally speaking, for distribution, you would need to host your files and include the correct access links to the E-junkie.

Alternatively, E-junkie’s remote file storage service can be used by subscribers to one of the upper-tier plans. If you choose this option, E-junkie will make sure that the URL needed to access your remote files is cloaked to prevent unauthorized access.

Marketing Options

When it comes to marketing choices, E-junkie helps you to send your customers promotional emails with updates on new and existing items. You can also send a regular newsletter, customize the email template and select lists of buyers that should receive the newsletter.

It is worth noting that it is paid extra for sending an email, with a minimum total cost of $1 to send the update. The size of your file determines the final cost, the number of files, and the number of persons receiving the newsletter plus the cost of the base.

E-Junkie Alternatives

While E-junkie is an excellent choice for any blogger who wants to start selling digital products, their feature set offered may not be sufficiently substantial. There are, however, other platforms designed to help you sell digital products offering similar features. Here are a few E-junkie alternatives to consider.

Quick Digital Downloads

Find the Simple Digital Downloads plugin if you own a WordPress website and wish to sell digital goods. It provides a complete system for selling digital products and offers the ability to collect payments in the core free plugin through PayPal. Using numerous free and paid add-ons, you can enable other payment processors as well as create recurring payments, restrict products, integrate with email service providers, and more.

Conversation With Customised Messages

To thank your customers for their purchases, E-junkie offers you the opportunity to create acknowledgment pages and emails. You can use custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to provide order specifics, or you can opt to view identical pages or submit identical emails to everyone. Also, a custom logo or header image can be displayed on your checkout and acknowledgment pages. Because E-junkie uses SSL to support these services, they do not generate browser notifications on the payment processor pages.

Third-Party Integration With ejunkie

If you have additional services handling different aspects of your online business, the order details can be easily forwarded from E-junkie to the appropriate service. It is particularly useful for the delivery of physical products, or if you want to export sales data to a software suite for financial management.

You can also sync with any monitoring system you use, such as Facebook or Google AdWords ads. All you need to do is copy and paste a bit of custom code given by E-junkie into the correct locations on your site.

E-junkie cart buttons come with Google Analytics pre-integrated to allow you to monitor things like site visits, bounce rates, click-throughs, and conversion rates. All you need to do is copy and paste E-junkie’s code snippet to the pages where you’re using E-junkie buttons.

The documentation on that help is comprehensive and accurate. Tracking the conversion will help you extract actionable e-commerce insights from your data from Google Analytics.

eJunkie Affiliate Program Review

E-junkie login lets you introduce and manage the marketing plans for your affiliates. For your affiliates, you can create custom links so that you can compensate them for new customer references.

Note: E-junkie help won’t allow you to charge any fees for your affiliates to become a part of your affiliate program.

E-junkie is a distributed, Amazon Web Services (AWS) driven program. AWS is responsible for handling all the physical hardware and networking needed to support their goods on E-junkie. As such, E-junkie only manages the stack for the software.

In their hosting packages, E-junkie has opted for parallelization and cross-redundancy to ensure that you continue to receive service even if there is a network failure.

In terms of E-junkie, their servers are “mean and Amazon-strong machines connected to the internet with a multitude of big, fat pipes to transfer data.

Uptime And Availability

E-junkie does not provide any guarantee of uptime, which means that you will not be able to seek any reimbursement if your shopping cart is unavailable (even if the downtime is extended and costs you a bit of sales that have been missed).

Past posts on the E-junkie Online Forum show that the team was often lax in notifying customers of outages.

Customers must use third-party tracking systems to make sure their shopping cart is accessible to their guests and, if not, they do not receive any messages from E-junkie.

Tech Support You Can Expect From E-Junkie

If you ever need to get in touch with the technical support team at E-junkie, you can give them your questions or use the contact form on their homepage.

You will receive an auto-response immediately, and the team will attempt to answer your message within 24 hours. If your message arrives during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. GMT-7), that very day, you should expect a response.

The ejunkie Marketplace

The ejunkie Marketplace is an online shop where items and experiences can be bought directly from ejunkie. Items range from those you might find helpful to start with your E-junkie shopping cart to stuff that’s there just because the team found it fascinating.

The useful side-leaning items include software suites and how-to books, while some of the items “just because” include diet plans, funny employee award templates, and flushable doggy bags.

Pricing And Billing

You will never have to pay set up or transaction fees while using E-junkie PayPal at any point, nor will you ever face bandwidth restrictions. The package defines how many free checkouts you get (free checkouts are classified as the ones where the total order is $0.00). Both contracts come with an infinite number of checkouts where the customer has anything to pay for.

E-junkie provides four different plans for you to choose from: The Lite plan allows you to view up to 10 items and gives you 200 MB of storage space, even if you don’t have access to the remote server of E-junkie.

The Standard plan lets you view up to 40 items and gives you 2 GB of storage space, even if you don’t have access to the remote server of E-junkie.

The Pro plan allows you to view up to 60 items and provides you with a storage space of 3 GB and access to the remote server of E-junkie (files stored here do not count against the overall storage allocation).

The Plus plan gives you 20 GB of storage space and access to the remote server of E-junkie (files stored here do not count against the limited capacity you have allocated). You can also choose the maximum number of products you can display (the maximum number of items you can select is 120, 250, or 500). Your choice of an option determines how much your monthly fee will be.

Refunds And Guarantees With ejunkie

All new E-junkie users get a free, seven-day trial in which you have access to all the ejunkie features. You can either pick a plan or include the payment information at the end of this trial period, or you can cancel your service.

  • You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time if you are a paying customer. You can also cancel your subscription at any time because you pay monthly. Such cancellations receive no refunds.
  • Non-profit organizations can qualify on any of the more extensive plans for a free Lite subscription plan or a discounted monthly price. You don’t necessarily need to be registered as a 503(c) charitable organization you can reach out to E-junkie’s customer support team to ask for your discount as long as you are involved with a cause that is considered “just-plain-awesome.”
  • If you have an existing website or blog that currently lacks e-commerce features, a full-featured shopping cart from E-junkie is a great option.
  • You may also be interested if you plan on selling through your eBay account, Facebook page, or email newsletters. While E-junkie doesn’t handle the entire checkout process from start to finish (in terms of payment processing, the most essential integration need is), it does have a robust feature set to meet most of your checkout needs.
  • Also, while ejunkie shopping cart has several features that help physical product sales (such as inventory management and the ability to connect with third-party systems, such as those for order fulfilment), ejunkie is built for creative people, such as artists, developers, and authors, who sell digital products. After checkout and payment, these items are shipped immediately to the customer through limited-use links.

All-in-all, ejunkie might be an excellent fit for you if you’re a smaller retailer of digital goods with an existing online presence. However, due to the lack of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) by the company promising a precise uptime number, as well as limited contact with customers when downtime occurs, users requiring high availability may consider looking elsewhere.