Edraw Max- The best Visio alternative

Edraw Max- The best Visio alternative


In the business world, people are more inclined towards Microsoft products for their different needs. When thinking of designing flowcharts, org charts, engineering designs, floor plans and many more, Microsoft Visio is the number one choice of the vast majority of people. But most of the people don’t know that there are other options too, which are available at half the cost of Visio and one of which is Edraw Max.

Edraw Max is software which can create visual diagrams in many styles including floor plans, graphs, network diagrams, fashion designs, science illustrations, workflows, electrical diagrams etc. for professionals, teachers, businesses and students.

Features – The software is easy to use as it offers a huge number of templates to choose from. The templates are suitable for all the drawing and planning needs of the institutes. The software has somehow similar interface as Microsoft Office apps. So if a user has knowledge of Microsoft Office, he can easily use Edraw Max. Another plus side of the software is that a person can download the trial first and then check if it is the right fit for his needs. The free trial allows 30-day access to the features of the Single user paid plan. The software is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. The multi-operating system support is an added benefit for its users.

  1. Free templates – Edraw Max offers numerous free templates so that user can do his task fast. One can choose from thousands of professionally designed templates. Each template has an appropriate menu and is ready to use. Templates can also be found in the specific category on the page.
  2. Countless symbols- Edraw Max has many built-in graphics, and one can choose from over 50000 symbols, shapes and icons. The software also allows the user to edit the symbols as per the needs.
  3. Import and export the files easily – The software allows you to import files and export the drawings to different types of formats like PDF, PPT, Word, Html, JPEG etc.
  4. Easy sharing – Edraw Max allows you to view your work on any device and share it with the help of Html links.
  5. Cloud storage – Cloud storage allows the user to access the file from any device. The software enables the user to store the files created in Edraw Max on cloud storage, which makes the availability of files on every device.
  6. Wide range of diagramming options – Edraw Max makes the process of creating diagrams, org charts, engineering designs etc. easy and intuitive.

Pricing– Edraw Max offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a secured checkout. The software comes with three pricing structure:

  1. Perpetual License – Buying a perpetual license gives the user indefinite access to the software. In addition, the license comes with three years of update guarantee. Edraw Max, supports all the popular operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. The pack includes 280 types of diagrams. With a perpetual license, a user can use the software on two computers. A perpetual license of Edraw Max will cost a user $179.
  2. Lifetime License – Lifetime license comes with lifetime upgrade guarantee, and like perpetual license, it also allows the use of licensed software indefinitely. In addition to it, lifetime license offers unlimited email support and 1000 M cloud space. Edraw Max, along with lifetime license, will cost you $245.
  3. Subscription License – This is the lowest of all the plans, and it costs only $99. The subscription license costs $8.25 per month for one year and $5.75 per month to renew afterwards.

The company values the privacy of the clients and protects personal information with the help of encryption and hi-tech fraud protection technology. The company also provides free software updates during the maintenance period. Furthermore, the company also offers extraordinary customer support where knowledgeable representatives are 24/7 available to eliminate the issues faced by the customers through email and live chat.


  1. Competitive pricing
  2. 30-days money-back guarantee
  3. Free trial
  4. Great customer support


  1. The UI can be better and more functional


The ability to manage, edit and share the diagrams made on Edraw Max makes it an ideal Visio alternative. Edraw Max offers easy integration with Microsoft Office and Office 365, which allows the user to use it with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc. Edraw Max also enables the users to easily embed, email and present the diagrams directly with the team irrespective of their location. Considering all the features that Edraw Max has to offer, we can say that it is the best alternative to Microsoft Visio.

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