EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9 Review

recover deleted files

Have you ever been in a situation when you have deleted a file accidentally on your computer or removed a file from the jump drive or formatted a memory card or USB drive without backup? Maybe you have faced a situation where you can’t find a particular movie clip due to a system crash or due to malware infection which has compromised your hard drive? Fortunately, in such cases, the lost files, as well as folders, can easily be recovered using a data recovery software.

When you delete a file on the computer at the first time, it goes to the recycle bin. Whenever you empty the recycle bin, it makes the file much less accessible, but it doesn’t remove it actually. What really occurs behind the scenes whenever you delete a file from your computer’s file system, it removes the path to access the particular file and designates the space which the files is used as being available for future use whenever it is needed. The zeros and ones that make up the file are actually still there on the computer, which is hidden until they get overwritten with any other file. Parts of the particular file may actually stay on the hard drive for months while other traces can be replaced within few hours.

So when the deleted files are actually inaccessible and in fact in danger of getting overwritten, you can actually recover them entirely using a professional and good data recovery tool. Data recovery software is particularly designed to scour the hard drive and locate any of the recoverable data while piecing it back together and providing the file in a salvageable format. The best software offers a preview of recovered files, filtered as well as searchable results along with easy file restoration and many other additional tools.

File recovery programs can easily be used to resurrect any of the files in different size and type, from music, video to pictures and even documents and spreadsheets, to name a few. Data recovery software can easily locate and also restore, emails along with executable as well as compressed files. The best recovery software can also maintain the folder organization of your system’s files, and it can also be able to retrieve an entire partition or drive.

Here comes EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9 which is a data recovery software designed to recover deleted, formatted and even lost data from your laptop, PC or any removable device with ease and quickly.

It guides you to find out all of the lost files precisely and also recover from the laptop, PC, SSD, hard drive, USB, digital camera, memory card etc. until you recover all the lost data back again.

It inculcates three basic steps of launch, scan and recovers and you are good to go. You just have to launch the program and perform a search for the file. The software scans the system and after finding the file, it recovers it.


  1. It is a powerful free data recovery software, especially for Windows user. It assists in retrieving lost or deleted photos, files, music, emails, audio etc., from the hard drive or memory card, mobile devices, USB, digital camera and other types of storage media.
  2. It comes with PC data recovery wizard which recovers all the deleted files from your hard drives along with external hard drive and even the SSD on your PC, laptops, servers or even formatted and lost partitions.
  3. It also has a memory card recovery wizard which restores all of the lost data from any of the damaged or any corrupted memory card which includes the memory stick, CF card, SD card, micro card and even more.
  4. It also has a USB drive recovery wizard which rescues the data loss on any USB drive or any flash drive, pen drive and even other removable storage media which may happen due to accidental deletion, virus attacks, formatting etc.
  5. It also has other digital device recovery wizard which helps in retrieving lost data from different devices like mobile phones, digital camera, video player, music, iPod etc. for deleting, hardware crash, formatting and other reasons.
  6. It helps in saving your data from different types of data loss crisis. It helps to recover deleted files from sudden formatting, accidental deletion, hard drive failure or corruption, virus attack especially due to ransomware or malware attack. It also helps in retrieving data from a system crash, partition loss, even partition and many other cases.

Picture2Other Salient Features.

  1. It is quite easy as well as safe file recovery software when it comes to laptop, server, and PC. When you start the program, the users can easily move on the stepwise way to get everything that is required. It doesn’t require any prior experience in recovery programs.
  2. It is quite clear and successful. It makes it clear to the user about all of the recoverable data by means of preview before the recovery process and gets lost files with quite a swiftness as well as remarkable recovery quality.
  3. It is also very efficient and exact. It comes with basic “quick scan” along with further “deep scan” which tracks down all of the lost or deleted photos, documents and media files in a thorough fashion.
  4. It is also flexible and time-saving. It can easily import or export the scanning results whenever there is a necessity. You just need to import the saved scanning result and can easily resume the recovery without any necessity of rescanning.
  5. Types of File that can be recovered are:
  • Video AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, MKV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, MPEG etc.
  • Email- PST, DBX, EMLX, etc. (from Outlook, Outlook Express etc.)
  • Other files- Like Archives (ZIP, RAR, SIT, ISO etc.), exe, HTML, SITX etc.
  1. The list of devices supported are-

PC/laptop,  Hard Drive,  External Disk,  SSD, USB Drive, Micro Card, Memory Card, Camcorder, Digital Camera, Mobile Device, Music Player, Video Player, iPod, RAID, CF/SD Card, Zip Drive, Pen Drive and Other Storage Devices.


  1. It is quite easy to use software with an intuitive user interface.
  2. It performs detailed scan which allows recovering of data with ease.
  3. It supports retrieval of almost all types of data from different devices.
  4. It has dedicated wizard for recovering data from PC, USB, memory cards etc.
  5. It gives the preview of the file before initiating the recovery.


  1. It can be quite complex for novice users who are new to recovery software even though it is quite simple to operate.


Whenever you lose a data or file due to accidental deletion, malware attack, disk formatting, etc. it can be quite difficult to retrieve the data. It is essential to use the right software to retrieve the data, or you are at risk of losing the data as it may get overwritten. This is where EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9 comes handy as it is quite easy to use and has proven track record of recovering data which gets accidentally deleted or formatted from any hard drive, USB drive, SSD etc. It has a wide range of options to recover the data with quite an ease. It performs quick as well as deep scan and allows to recover data with efficiency. It supports retrieval of a variety of file types which can be recovered. It supports a plethora of devices too. It is among the best data recovery software available in the market which one can have for free and experience unlimited data recovery without any hassle.