3 Best Direct Mail Automation Software with Buyers Guide

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Direct Mail Automation Software

Direct Mail Automation Software streamlines the procedure of designing and drafting physical mail such as newspapers and postcards, to be sent to a large client base. This type of software is primarily utilized by marketers and helps to:

  • Capture and store the postal addresses of clients
  • Design physical mail and facilitate the postage, printing,  and distribution
  • Streamline the dispatch of mail and tracks the delivery

Advantages of Direct Mail Automation Software

Automating processes: Manually organizes direct mail is time-consuming and expensive. It is also very difficult to facilitate and coordinate between the separate departments which are responsible to design, print, and deliver mail. Direct mail automation software brings the contrast of workflows into one system. The centralized system streamlines interdepartmental communication and mailing activities for ensuring timely delivery with minimalist manual efforts.

Managing contacts better: Not similar to paper registers, direct mail automation software helps in capturing and storing clients’ contact details digitally in a centralized repository that can be easily searched and even reused for various campaigns. Marketers can segment their contacts based on different filters to target the right audience for the campaigns with an organized contact repository.

Creating mail: This software provides a built-in template editor that has a varied design templates in creating postcards, brochures, newsletters, etc. The editor assists in creating personalized mail for various occasions with minimal help and designing skills.

Features of Direct Mail Automation Software

Reporting/analytics: Tracking and viewing important business indicators for capturing and analyzing the success of marketing campaigns.

Delivery tracking: Tracking the delivery of physical mail and getting notifications once the mail has been received by clients.

Event-triggered mailing: Sending automated mail triggered by certain actions or events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Data import/export: Importing data to and export reports from the system.

Design management: Managing ready-to-use design templates and existing mail designs that can be reused for upcoming campaigns.

Price of Direct Mail Automation Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher have additional features like advanced user roles and permissions, an analytics dashboard, and custom envelopes.

Points to Ponder while Buying Direct Mail Automation Software

Integration capability: The software chosen to manage the direct mail must integrate well with the existing business applications having customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation. The integration capability will provide you leverage with existing customer database and will sync all client interactions and marketing strengths across applications. This will also minimize multiple data entry tasks and maximize productivity.

Variety of design templates: Many companies are utilizing printed flyers, brochures, and postcards for promoting the business. Creating this sort of physical mail, they require a template editor that provides varied design templates. It is essential to check whether the preferred software has templates which are up to the mark or as desired by the design needs of the direct mail and marketing campaigns. Do check whether the templates can be readily utilized or whether the staff will need any training to get hands-on experience.

Campaign analytics: The software you want to buy should help in tracking the performance of the direct mail campaigns. Software equipped with a real-time analytics dashboard which can easily track the delivery status of the physical mail and help in record the responses received from both online and offline channels will assist in measuring the performance of the campaigns. It will also help to address any shortcomings and disadvantage with the content or mode of delivery.

Direct Mail Automation Software Trends

Direct mail integrating with digital campaigns: Today, the utility of mail automation software is not only limited to sending physical postcards. Businesses are integrating their direct mail with digital campaigns now, through QR codes and personalized URLs which are printed on mailers. Clients can scan the QR codes or check on the URLs or pay a to visit to the landing pages targeted by businesses. This importantly decreases client response time and increases the chances of engaging with them.

Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing to collect speed: Offline marketing is expensive with substantial costs involved in designing, printing, organizing, and sending mail through postal services. Marketers have now initiated using artificial intelligence to study audience engagement and for analyzing customer behavior for optimizing the offline direct mail campaigns. In line with the trend, software sellers have started adding AI capabilities to the core solutions. Direct mail automation software equipped with AI will assist marketers understand who are the ideal customers and what sort of content the viewership prefer.

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