Developer velocity


Software development expectations, whether we are talking about life sciences software, travel software or enterprise solutions, are rising as technology progress and digitalization seems to take over every aspect of our daily lives. But, often, these expectations are surreal, because we do not take into account all the criteria necessary to carry out a project – expertise, quality and last but not least – velocity.

Before beginning a software project, it is essential to draw up a plan that includes the complexity of the project, the velocity of the development team and any disruptions that could imperil the process. IT outsourcing companies have started to measure the performance of teams by this variable, in addition to the usual standards.

Velocity ??- a unit of speed or an adjustment mechanism?

As we said, the main scope of velocity is to measure performance as a prediction for the finish of the project or any targets. However, various interruptions may occur during the execution of the project, ending in late delivery. Hence, this indicator is just estimative.

Still, the development team can be motivated by this, to complete the software project on time. Thus, velocity is an adjustment or boost settlement when it turns into a purpose.

How do we measure velocity accurately?

It is essential to divide the whole project into several story points, to get a real vision of the goals. The velocity must be determined on each story point, so the final result is an average of all recorded values ??from the beginning to the end. Teams of developers can work on several story points at once, each one with a different deadline.

For example, if you are programming on three-story points simultaneous and two of them are ready by the deadline, and one of them remains incomplete, points are given only for the reached objectives. When setting velocity goals, it is better to relate to the average and not to the highest performance, to carry out the project in optimal conditions.

Thus, velocity becomes a relevant point of reference for differentiating teams of software developers, in addition to quality and expertise. All companies want to realize software projects in a short time, but it is necessary to consider the complexity of the project, for the correct adaption to the team’s performances!

AROBS, through its expertise, attributes great importance to both the quality and velocity of the developers’ team. If you want good software, delivered on time, contact us!