CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Review


In today’s age of social media where everything is about clicking and posting be it pictures or videos, it’s essential that you use the best editor available in the market so that your videos look flawless. A good editor does not just help you fix and edit your videos but also helps enhance the quality and the effect it portrays.

PowerDirector is the new addition to the previously available creative software by CyberLink, taking the popular video editor and making it available now as an annual or monthly subscription. PowerDirector aims not just to help you make a video but also to create something that will have a lasting impression on your viewers.

The new version brings to you advanced editing features that lets you create videos that are amazing and filled with effects quickly. You can work with multiple cameras, apply slick chroma critical effects or create an immersive 360-degree video with tools that provide you with avenues to let out your creative abilities.

After enrolling yourself as a PowerDirector subscriber, you will be given access to a growing collection of add-ons, providing you with even more content, including our unique Al Style Packs. CyberLink has returned with an even better version than its earlier PowerDirector 17.


PowerDirector 365 has a ton of features that weren’t available in its earlier version. The primal one being its aspect of flexibility, in which it offers a wide choice of interfaces. Continuing the qualities from the previous version of the software are the availability of Timeline Mode, Storyboard Mode and Slideshow Creator with new add ons like creating a video in a couple of clicks through Auto Mode including a 360-degree video editor.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or a professional user, there is something for all in this editor to suit all your needs. You can import 360-degree equirectangular footage, create a 360-degree project and export the same in the 360-degree format. The most stimulating effect is in the Timeline Mode. This is, however, similar to the ones that you may have seen on Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro that gives you a series of audio and video tracks that you can drag and drop in different elements to create your video.

It is also non-destructive in terms of editing; hence, none of your original files will be changed once you import and begin work on them. The latest addition to this is also the library playback window that works in a split screen mode. So, now you can see a video clip from your library alongside a preview of your project.

Improved multi-cam editing lets you sync as well as switch between footage that is shot from different cameras. Effects applied and titles are given the snap to align with objects on the timeline on a real-time basis as there’s improved support for dual screens and there’s more flexibility when it comes to setting ups hotkeys.

Some are better suited than others to particular subjects, so it might take a little experimentation to find a look for the project you are working. Doing this lets, you find the best one that fits the bill and helps you create an impressive video.

The new version also presents a set of customizable design tools that can quickly and easily add impressive effects to your videos. These new features include transition designer, PiP designer, Subtitle room and menu designer amongst others.

This version also comes with an improved editing workflow that helps add and edit multiple projects in the same video project while being able to pre-cut lengthy clips into short, reusable segments to be used through numerous projects.

Pros and Cons


1. Getting the annual 365 subscriptions of the CyberLink PowerDirector 365 will help you get the free access to CyberLink’s subscription of plug-ins and effects. The effects also include AI style plug-ins, which take the style of a particular artwork and apply it to your video.

2. There are three new options to choose from for performing the PiP action once the animation ends. There is the Loop, show the first/last frame and stop playback. This also helps you control the speed of your template and the flow of the video.

3. PowerDirector supports complete editing of 2K and 4K videos with a resolution of about 3840 x 2160.

4. CyberLink Cloud is designed to work with the CyberLink PowerDirector 365 that includes 100 GB free storage space on Cloud. This gives you access and lets you work on your creative projects from anywhere.


1. When you select the Video Overlay Room from the links on the left, clicking ‘More Premium effect doesn’t take you to the handy application manager that lets you see and download all the available options. Instead, it directs you to the webpage describing them. Though not being a big issue, it can get frustrating.

2. At times, there are promotions and advertisements of features of PowerDirector 365 while you are working on your project, even though you are already using one. The PowerDirector365 is slower compared to the PowerDirector’s Magic Movie Wizard which helps transform your video clips and photos into impressive productions with fewer clicks.

3. Similar to the PowerDirector 365 is the CyberLink PowerDirector Suite 365 which comprises of PowerDirector, AudioDirector and ColorDirector all for the same single monthly and annual fee as the PowerDirector 365. 

Pricing and Conclusion

As we said, earlier, this suite is fit for users of all levels right from a beginner to an advanced one. It grows on you once you begin using it for more challenging projects. The 365 subscriptions are priced at $48.99/ 41.99 Euros or $19.99 Australian Dollars for a year. It is the most cost-effective tool you can purchase that comes with an enormous amount of new as well as improved functions that an editor can contain. You can begin by signing up for a month and then taking it ahead from there. Regular feature updates and extra content packs make this one of the best and most flexible home video editors you can get.