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In addition to customer relationship management, WebAsyst is a business CRM that keeps sharing files on focus. However, unlike other good options, this CRM software doesn’t provide ample of features and equipment, but they do provide their own unique tools.

From within this CRM software, specific webpages can be saved and organized as per your choice.

There are many unique tools offered by WebAsyst that help users with their online business CRM. The CRM software keeps one easy location for many business files, phones and makes sharing convenient. It also holds the data and content managed.The content feature is nicely designed and detailed.

Apart from the name, contact details and contact information, every contact can have a picture pasted on their profile. Users get a chance to make their contacts personal or shared with another user on the network.

All users are given separate access to exactly what they need access for and are prohibited from other areas within the CRM system.

WebAsyst provides the comfort, ease and quality that people look for in a CRM software choice. The screen top has a menu bar viewing across it with icons and headers for every option that is visible.

The toolbar is equipped with images and titles both. All features and tools by WebAsyst can be easily tracked and utilized.

The top toolbar of this CRM software has options like Files, Contacts, Photos, Mail, Issues, Projects, Pages, Help Desk, Users, and Store. There is menu bar dropping down the left-hand side of the application when you hit app’s welcome page.

The side toolbar is changeable depending on the chief features you are using.Every feature is conveniently labeled and easy to use.

To find contact details for the customer support team, you can simply click on “About Us” link at the bottom of the page of the official website of WebAsyst CRM.

If you are seeking for a customer relationship management system, WebAsyst gives you a unique layout and design but lacks in many of the chief features we try to find in our CRM software options. There is also a single option in the application of photo sharing and is very helpful in many circumstances.

WebAsyst’s main CRM features include file sharing and customer relationship management. The online stores that own a small business can opt for WebAsyst very easily.

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