SugarCRM – Review

SugarCRM is considered to be among the best CRM software that is available in the market. Along with its convenient mobile app, it easily connects you to your client and other organization related data. It’s a cloud-based CRM solution which provides you the ability to work through your various sales and project related goals, no matter if you are in your office or on the go.


1. SugarCRM comes with various necessary functions that one expect from any CRM software. You can easily import any data from present files into this software. It comes with email integration which provides you with the capability to email clients while remaining in the application.

2. Its customer account portals allow you to record and also keep proper tracking of all the client related interactions along with the timelines.

3. It has real-time based sharing and hence it allows various department and employees to get connected to same client portal simultaneously.

4. This solution also consists of sales and marketing solutions as part of this software. This allows the user to keep tabs on sales and maintaining collaboration along with order tracking.

5. It can create in-depth reports you that you can forecast the efficiency of various marketing campaigns or watch the sales success managed by your team.


1. It allows you to keep proper tracking of your employees’ performance and their workflow.

2. By utilizing this software, you can keep a watch on which projects are assigned to the employees, and you can easily follow his or her interactions with clients.

3. Its document management features provide you the ability to upload and also create a knowledgebase via which the employees can keep updated with company’s policies and other procedures.

4. It allows you to create a profile of your employees along with the ability to create a company based social network.

5. Its interface makes it way to easier to navigate. In case you need some support, it comes with tutorials along with a FAQs section which are duly present on its website.

6. It also provides email based and live telephonic support.


1. It doesn’t come with a dialer which means you can’t get connected to the client via telephone while remaining within the application.

2. It also lacks tools like competitor tracking along with unavailability of the feature to create and deliver email marketing campaigns.


SugarCRM is a great tool with its inherited features to maintain great customer relationship management. Its extra features such as sales and marketing features are quite helpful in tracking the sales of your company along with your employees’ performance.

Try this CRM software in case you need a software which can also be used while on the go. Also, share your opinions and experiences with this software in the comment section below.